Final Euroleague Quarter – Micičius and Anadolu Efes


Anadolu Efes, the fourth in the finals of the Euroleague, came after an 18-year break.

In the semi-finals Istanbul clubs will be welcomed: Anadolu Efes will face Zalgiris from Kaunas in Fenerbahč who have won the playoffs.

The hunters beat 17 tricks of 39 (43.6%), and were very successful in fines (13/16, 81.3%).

The guests were fined only 5 and reached 3 (60%).

Anadolu leader Efes Vasilije Micičius played for 30 minutes, scored 10 points (1/1 colonies, 2/5 triplets, 2/2 fines), made 10 successful transfers, and the former Greyhound recaptured 2 and picked up 3 balls and took 3 more balls. recorded 17 performance scores.

61:57 was preceded by Anadolu Efes, but the Catalan team failed three times in a row, James Anderson and Adrienne Moerman ended two attacks with kicks at a distance – and the Istanbul club came out 67:57.

The three points of Pau Ribas returned the intrigue – the Barcelona team left 4 points (71:75) after the penultimate minute.

The chances of Barcelona were diminished by the error of Kevin Panga, and Moerman beat his quarter of three points and basically consolidated the victory of Anadolu Efes.

Former Greyhound K. Panga played 25 minutes, scored 7 points (2/3 colonies, 1/3 triplets), recaptured 2 and took 1 ball, scored 1 result, 3 times lost and scored 4 points.

Brad Motum of Anadolu Efes did not play in this series due to back pain.

"Anadolu Efes": Shane Larkin 18, Adrian Moermann 18, Rodriguez Beaubois and James Anderson after 11, Vasilije Micičius 10 (10th), Bryant Dunston 7 points.

Barcelona: Chris Singleton and Thomas Heurtel at age 12, Ante Tomičius 10, Adam Hanga 9, Kevin Panga 7.

Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow will meet in the next semifinals.

In the regular season, Anadolu Efes was in fourth place and Barcelona in fifth.

The four finalists will be held in Vitória (Spain) from May 17-19.

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