Featuring innovations from the largest furniture exhibition: the world goes wild with a color


More than 400,000 – Visitors from different countries annually visit the largest furniture exhibition in the world. Exhibitions of various designers during this event become as works of art. It presents interior news, innovative technological solutions, acoustic and internal lighting.

The 58th edition of the exhibition attracted the attention of a wide range of bright colors. "The classic has become long black, brown, gray is no longer the leader, this year designers highlight the playful pink shades – raspberry, red wine, cherry, strawberry ice cream, peach. Color experiments are worth trying not just renew the interior of the house, but also the office. Warm colors give good emotions, energy, stimulate creativity, "says Vaclovas Daukintis, director of Vadasiga, which participates in the exhibition every year.

Outdoor Furniture – A Natural Color Palette

The terraces revive in the hot season, so how do we renovate this space this year, where we spend more time than at home? "The outdoor furniture exhibitions at this year's Milan exhibition were rich and varied, dominated by grass, mint, water, sky and sunset. Therefore, for those who want to have a nice terrace, it is worth taking care of those shades of sofas, rugs and outdoor tables ", advised V. Daukintis.

The shape of the outdoor furniture is oval, combining different materials and fabrics. And the choice is wide – from modular sofas, comfortable chairs to outdoor beds where you can relax or even sleep. "Outdoor furniture, first, should be beautiful and comfortable, with a modern style and comfort, designers offer a variety of modular solutions," said V. Daukintis.

Functionality and aesthetics in offices

The world's leading designers dictate the office style and emphasize that modern companies are seeking comfort by combining functionality and aesthetics, so that one of the main themes of the Milan office was the solution to noise problems. Fantoni offered a unique solution – a private acoustic space, also called an "acoustic room".

"This innovation will be introduced soon in Lithuania. When working in open spaces, in large offices, people suffer from noise and find it difficult to focus on work. High-quality acoustics help prevent fatigue and privacy, which is especially important nowadays when collaborative spaces are gaining popularity around the world where it is important to have the opportunity to stay in touch with customers, colleagues and partners " , commented Daukintis.

Architect Gediminas Jurevičius noted that the exhibit also pointed out that acoustical materials are used not only in offices, conference rooms, but also in lighting solutions. His colleagues are also the architect Aidas Kalinauskas

"Even the luminaires come with soundproof materials. The acoustic materials are improving and we see this in several examples of global designers, "said Kalinauskas.

The remaining trend and evolving solutions are mobile office furniture – chairs, desks, cabinets, book shelves. Modern workplaces are mobile, desk systems are unique and efficiently adapted to different situations: both private workplaces and tables are combined to organize a meeting or conference.

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