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Evelina Anusauskaitė turned 30 alone: ​​still suffering a serious loss, but has something to thank

Evelyn, who lives with her husband Adam Young in Los Angeles, shared sensitive thoughts about an important birthday on the social network.

"Well, on my 30th birthday, I agree with one thing, and instead of a cup of champagne, I have a cup espresso on the way to work … In fact, I organize this birthday party in 9 days because I celebrate it at an event, but … Wow what a contrasting year!

First of all, a musical project that I started almost exactly a year ago, totally … filed. Like in a movie where you thought you wouldn't get caught, I got into a situation where a bad contract left me with no money and no songs. Now I look at laughter, because that's what you need when you're going to work confidently without thinking. Today I have better songs, a team I wanted to work with from 2017, but I haven't dared to apply yet, and … f *** ing Good contract. As p. A. Lincoln "It's not about how many times you fall, no matter how many times you fall, no matter how many times you fall."

For the first time in 29, I experienced the strongest contrast of happiness – the loss of a loved one. I have never experienced anything sad than the head of one of my most precious souls, the puppy Luna, which is slowly coming out of my hands and slowly moving in my arms. She seems to have taken a big part of me.

Still, to maintain that balance, fate gave a new friend, or rather a friend, who filled in what I thought was never missing. You can talk to a person who can really call anytime and talk about anything and everything. You can send someone a picture of a new sweater, a new song, or, after a few glasses of wine, translate something that is not meaningful but has been there for some time. Someone who has dreams so big that I don't feel crazy for the first time when I share mine.

With each passing year, I realize how happy I was to have these parents and siblings. Your Lithuanian family, which is always around. With mom, it has become the norm to paint eggs, blow candles, or decorate Christmas trees … skype.

And thank you so much for the love of my life, my best friend and my strongest support team! You are a kind baby little one) A man who always holds me in my hands through all these contrasts of life, and who always knows how to lift me on my fingertips and touch the edge of the sky, "Evelina told her lover.

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