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While the National Basketball Association (NBA) is about to end its regular season, ESPN journalists have made their own predictions about who will receive the prizes of the season.

Voters selected three players in each category. Five points were awarded for the first place, three for the second and one for the third.

There was no shortage of Lithuanian accents on this hunch. The sixth best basketball player (backup) was also mentioned Domanto Sabonio name.

Pacers scored third in this election and scored 63 points. First place went to Clippers defender Lou Williams (142 points), second to the Clippers' Montrez Harrell (72 points).

Percentage, Sabonis' chances for victory are 12.5 percent when Williams and Harrell are 60 and 17.5 percent.

Best Sixth Player Prize Predictions

Location Player Points Probability of winning,%
1 Lou Williams 142 60.0
2 Montreux Harrell 72 17.5
3 Domantas Sabonis 63 12.5
4 Spencer Dinwiddie 17 2.5
5 Julius Randle 11 0.0
6 Bogdan Bogdanovich 10 2.5

Sabon's name is also in the other category – the most advanced basketball player. However, here the chances of Lithuania are even smaller.

Toronto Raptors striker Pascal Siakamo led the way with 148 points. He is followed by Angel Russell (67 points), De Aron Fox (54), Nikola Vucevičius (15), and Sabonis and Paul George after 13 points.

Still looking at the percentages, Domantas has no hope – his chance to win is valued at 0%. Siakamo's chances are 62.5%.

Most Improved Basketball Prize Predictions

Location Player Points Probability of winning,%
1 Pascal Hacking 148 62.5
2 D & # 39; Angelo Russell 67 10.0
3 From & # 39; Aronas Fox 54 10.0
4 Nikola Vucevičius 15 7.5
5-6. Paul George 13 2.5
5-6. Domantas Sabonis 13 0.0

The New Year's election was dominated by Duke's Mavericks, Luka Donchic. Slovenia scored 194 points and left Trae Young for 116 points and Deandre Ayton for 29.

ESPN also calculated that it is 92.5 percent. The chances are that Dončičius will win this award.

New Year Award Predictions

Location Player Points Probability of winning,%
1 Luka Dončičius 194 92.5
2 Bring young 116 7.5
3 Deandre Aytonas 29 0.0

In the MVP elections, a strenuous fight erupted between Milwaukee's Bucks leader Gianni Antetokounmpo and Houston Rockets superstar James Harden.

The Greek scored 158 points when Hardenas – 151. The difference between these basketball players was huge, as George, who finished third, scored 19 points.

In fourth place, the face of Golden State Warriors was left by Step Curry, who scored 12 points, and 5 points were given by Denver's Nuggets Wizard, Nikola Yaki.

MVP Award Predictions

Location Player Points Probability of winning,%
1 Giannis Antetokounmpo 158 50.0
2 James Harden 151 45.0
3 Paul George 19 2.5
4 Stephen Curry 12 2.5
5 Nikola Jokich 5 0.0

In the election of coach of the year, the domain of Milwaukee Bucks Specialist, Mike Budenholzer. He scored 136 points when Clippers strategist Doc Rivers – 89.

In third place, Sabone's Nate McMillan strategist (54 points) remained, while fourth-placed Nuggets leader Michael Malone (29).

Coach predictions of the year

Location Coach Points Probability of winning,%
1 Mike Budenholzer 136 52.5
2 Doc Rivers 89 25.0
3 Nate McMillan 54 10.0
4 Michael Malone 29 5.0

In the final, the best champion category champion, the most popular vote in the nomination was the Utah Jazz Center, Rudy Gobert. The French account has 107 points.

He is followed by George in the third nomination, which received 87 points. Third place was Antetokounmpo (63 points), fourth with Joel Embiid (63) and fifth with Myles Turner (22).

Best Defender Player Prize Predictions

Location Player Points Probability of winning,%
1 Rudy Gobertas 108 42.5
2 Paul George 87 27.5
3 Giannis Antetokounmpo 63 17.5
4 Joel Embiid 23 0.0
5 Myles Turner 22 7.5

Still, the final results will have to wait until the end of the season. The official awards ceremony will take place on June 24.


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