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El Fuego member Paulius Bagdanavičius and his wife are expecting the second son: "We feel on the wings" | The

Last year, when Paul's old dream came to an end, the family is now waiting for another gift when it comes to the new home. May 3, the second child should be born.

"We do not know if it will show up later, or maybe decide to cheer us up with the previous performance, but we really feel like we're on the sidelines right now," he said. 15 min Paul recognized.

The artist does not hide the fact that the second son of the family was planned and very welcome. Having settled into a new home, they were still thinking about who should get an extra bedroom, but soon that dilemma was resolved – soon a new family member would settle down there. Member of the Fire 15 min revealed that they would have a second daughter.

Photo of a personal album / Lina Bagdanavičienė

Photo of a personal album / Lina Bagdanavičienė

While living in the last days of waiting, Paul and his wife admit that, this time, everything would be calmer, so I did not have any anxiety.

"We know that there are a few days and nights of insomnia, but we feel calm, we notice that the time of the pregnancy has passed faster, they are older and we have more experience," laughs Paul.

The spouses went to the name of the second daughter, read the names, but eventually realized that they "would trust the first impression." As often happens with parents, the child's name is born shortly after seeing her, so they plan to follow the plan themselves.

Photo of Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min / Paul Bagdanavičius with his daughter

Photo of Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min / Pauls Bagdanavičius with his daughter

According to the artist, paternity is one of the most important gifts of her life. Having become a father, everything makes sense, and he says he does not know what to ask in his life: "When the morning rises, the greatest gift is to the daughter. His first words learned are "Daddy," and after a few years and a longer word, "Father" – can hear joy and turn. "

The future father of two daughters says that it is really difficult to stand before the firstborn, but I am indulging in self-indulgence.

"You grow up a man in the world who, in any case, has rules, so you have to pass your knowledge to children to grow up with fair and honest people," says Bagdanavičius.

When the daughter is born, the artist plans to stay home for at least a month with her family, but do not rush for too long. As he himself says, such experiences are like wings, and at the moment he feels capable of knocking down the mountains.

"I want to express myself, not going young (laughing). While there is still a weapon, you need to work, strive and improve, "Paul says witty.

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