Driver trained in "Grunwald" attack trauma: I have not had this season yet


Looking at the naked figure, the conclusion is simple: in the second part of the season in Kaunas "Žalgiris" there are half of Wolters.

The 27-year-old American, who came from Elan Chalon (France) in the summer, was originally the winner of the Lithuanian Championship.

Not everything was in full swing, and the defender often had to listen to the reprimands of Šarūnas Jasikevičius for ignoring the team's game system. But Wolters knew how to use his skills to collect points and create opportunities for others.

In December, the club's main player injured his ankle and in February was followed by groin trauma. And even after the doctor's permission to play again, Wolters' stats remain half as bad as the fall.

"I'm still trying to pick up the pace," said American Basketball. "After a few injuries, it's hard to do that in a row, but I'm trying to get back." The team is playing well lately, so I just have to keep up the hard workouts and try to regain strength. "

According to him, the two injuries were not attacked during his previous career. In this respect, Wolters considers himself the most difficult season in Zalgiris.

"Previously, I almost never lost a game because of health problems. So the past months were really troublesome for me. I'm happy to be healthy enough to play now. I hope that's enough to help the team win. By the end of the season, I hope to regain the previous sport, "said one 19-meter player.

Last month, Žalgiris was able to cope or at least lessen the effects of Wolters' wounds. Five consecutive wins in the Euroleague are more likely to be attacked by Leo Westermann and Thomas Walkup, who are slowly unfolding in a new break.

But on Thursday, the mid-level Wolters plays a hand – all weapons are needed when going to Real Madrid.

"There is an important game on hold. We played well last month and we had a chance to play in the playoffs – try to use it. Of course Real is a great team that moves perfectly from defense to offensive training. We must avoid mistakes, attack with wisdom.

In the first game, it was good to do that, in addition to the few sections that brought Real. We will have to play very well if we want to win this time, "said Wolters, 16 points in the Euroleague basket in Kaunas.

We remind you that the Real and Zalgiris match in Madrid will take place on Thursday at 22:00. Lithuanian time.

The first team-to-team duel last November ended with a 90:79 Spanish win.

In Madrid, "Grunwald" has not yet gained in the history of the modern Euroleague – in general, 19 Lithuanian duelists celebrated only one victory in 2014.

The same for the people of Kaunas in the Euroleague is the only square in Chimki (Russia) of Moscow.

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