Monday , October 18 2021

Dark mode on your phone – can you extend the battery life?


The year 2019 in the smartphone market is very interesting and full of innovations. One of the innovations is presented by some manufacturers, others offer something different, but this year, Android and Apple products have received, or are still coming, a dark mode (UK). dark mode). Thanks to this feature, your smartphone turns black, which can save energy.

Dark mode on your phone - can you extend the battery life?

The very popular iFixit portal, which provides information on how to dismantle and recover a wide range of devices, has published an article that shared some information about the dark mode. The key question is how much real benefit does this feature bring to our battery life and is it really useful?

It is reported that users of Google Maps can save up to 63%, thanks to the dark mode. energy. This information was provided by Google Engineers. Statistics also show that browsing the Reddit network in the dark mode can save about 41%. and, more interestingly, AppleInsider believes that percentage is even higher in Apple products. It is said that using the same network when navigating in dark mode and using the iPhone can save 60%. battery power.

And even though these percentages look really impressive, it should be understood that this does not mean that your phone will need to be charged once every two days. The above percentages are given regardless of the many other factors that can consume battery power. Essentially, the dark mode might give you an extra hour, but it would be really naïve to expect your phone's battery to take up to two days to fully charge.

It is also important to note that different technologies are one of the factors that do not allow a more tangible number. For example, smartphones with OLED screens require much less power than LCD panels. And this is just one of the reasons that can determine the life of your battery. And you're using the dark mode? What are your experiences?

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