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Dakar podium: After ten tight drivers, the final is full

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Arūnas Gelažninkas, the first rider on the Lithuanian podium, appeared. The Lithuanian told us that it all started with the idea of ​​trying and trying their hand. So, Gelažnink said, there was a need for a budget, so the sponsors needed it, and it was very difficult to do, but we did.

"When I was going to Dakar, I was worried that the end would happen, because everything happens, but here I go to the end and tomorrow I'm going home. work", A.Gelažninkas spoke after taking the medal.

The pilot admitted that he missed homes, family and friends, so he was eager to return to Lithuania.

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The last stretch of speed

The last and first days of Dakar were quite similar. The riders surpassed relatively short stretches, but not everyone was able to avoid their pitfalls. One of those riders was also among the Lithuanians – just under 100 km before the end of Dakar, driver Balys Bardauskas crashed and broke both hands. However, despite being sympathetic to his compatriot, the Lithuanians rejoiced – two records were taken to Lithuania.

The beginning of the tenth stage was a little different – on the other hand. The former were those who were worse off in Dakar and therefore occupied lower positions. Leaders started last, but shortly after the race, they took off again. So, what is the last stage of the 2019 Dakar?

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Motorcycles include fatal kilometers and victory

Although shorter, it was not really easier, soft dunes climbed cars, some participants had to tire soon after the start, but the Lithuanian crew and motorcyclist Arūnas Gelažnink managed to avoid this, but Balys Bardauskas, who fell into the sand pit, was taken to the hospital – he was broken by a man both hands.

A few hours after the incident, B.Bardauskas shared a video on his social network account, where the pilot told me he felt good, but there were still some procedures and trips to another hospital, as the doctors at the Hospital de Lima decided to make a radiograph of the spine and ensure that the Lithuanian does not suffer without other injuries. As it turned out later, Bardauskas will not be able to return to Lithuania with hand break, as doctors predict arm surgery because the fracture is much more serious than initially thought.

This year Arūnas Gelažninkas was the rookie of Dakar, but proved that not only the wolves of Dakar can achieve good results. The driver arrived at the finish line, saying that even before Dakar, everyone said to finish and enter the fifties would be a good achievement for the first time, but he wanted to see his name in the heart among the thirty fastest riders in Dakar. It seems that even the most desperate desires are really satisfied and A.Gelažninkas finished Dakar in 23rd place. Such places in Dakar so far have not been reached by any Lithuanian rider.

Will pull next year

The Lithuanians, who drove in the car, passed the tenth stage without major problems, and they all enjoyed the successful Dakar race. Of course, it has been easier for some than for others.

Antanas Juknevičius and Darius Vaičiulis, on the first side of the Dakar, struggled with technical failures, where the Lithuanians showed a lot of stubbornness and determination, because generally during the Dakar Rally the team does not perform engine repair work, but the team of A. Juknevičius together with mechanics from other teams proved that. .

"Nobody in the Dakar engine does, but we have achieved and we have reached the final. The tenth Dakar has been overcome and, despite all the failures, we will arrive next year," said Juknevičius after the final.

The team won the 36th place in this year's Dakar Ranking.

Secure and stable at the end

Vaidotas Žala and Saulius Jurgelėnas defeated Dakar quite accurately, although their leg was overloaded with leaked tires or ruthless stones – in one of them the team was suspended – in the overall classification, the spirited V.Žala and S.Jurgelėnas were in 12th place. And when the finals are over, the drivers have not spared good words for the tenth stage or for Dakar this year.

"The last stage is short but fun.We're going after Ronan Chabot for a while – when you see the trajectories, you guessed it, but if you had to drive ahead it would be difficult.This is how good this new Toyota The place is satisfied – there is always a place to stretch, but the limit of our car is approaching, "said V. Žala.

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The team's navigator realized that the day was not heavy, but was already waiting for the race to end. However, when they arrived, according to S.Jurgelnas, there was some emptiness.

"It's quiet now, but is there any kind of vacuum coming out?" Before the final day, organizers warned it would be difficult – apparently for people not to relax too much. in the crowd and other things, "said Jurgelnas.

Brings a new record

On this Dakar, the crew of Benedict Vanagas and Sebastian Rozwadowski were extremely confident. While the drivers said they had to face some danger when they were driving more than once, and when the car was lying on its side, the drivers were happy to score 11th after the tenth race ended. These positions have not yet been captured by the Lithuanian teams in Dakar. The closest of this was the result of last year's A. Juknevičius, in 2018 the rider finished in 12th place. This year she's in her pocket.

It is true that there were high hopes of seeing the names of Vanag and Rozwadowski among the ten fastest drivers in Dakar, but at a step higher the team was less than five seconds. However, after the end, Vanagas smiled and said he would return next year.

"The result is always determined by the preparation. I knew we were trying to get this result out of the blue, but in any case, the basis for helping a lot of time now has given a result. We had agreed that if we did not see it, we would not do it. There was no shortage of dust and we learned several times that we are standing still when we try to dive, "said Vanag.

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While taking advantage of the final, the pilot did not forget the nationalist Bardausko and expressed his sympathy.

"This is Dakar, and I just want to want the health of Bali and to maintain apparently plaster." "I'm sorry about Bali, we heard what happened, we're very sorry," said the pilot.

154 participants did not reach the end of the 41st Dakar

The ten-day Dakar Rally, although shorter, confirmed that it was not the easiest. Not only the newcomers, but also the leaders fell – the Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel, who claimed to be the champion, left the race just a day before the race. In all, there were 137 bikes, 100 cars, 26 blocks, 30 bikes and 41 trucks on the starting line, of which 75 motorcycles, 56 cars, 15 quadricycles, 20 bikes and 14 trucks arrived at the finish line. Of the 334 winners, 180 riders reached the podium, with more than 5,000 kilometers in all along the Dakar, of which 3,000 kilometers were sections of speed.

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