Crazy from love: hologram "led" japan


Akihiko Kondo's mother did not accept the invitation from the only son to his wedding in Tokyo this month, but probably not surprisingly because he led the hologram.

"The mother had nothing to celebrate," said a 35-year-old man whose "bride" is a virtual reality singer, Hacuna Mike.

In fact, none of Kondo's relatives were involved with him and Mike-the lively 16-year-old hair with big eyes and long, pointed hair-at the wedding, but that did not stop him from spending 2 million. yen (15,500 euros) for the official ceremony in the Tokyo City Hall.

Approximately 40 guests watched him drop the rings with Miku, who attended the ceremony in the form of a small soft doll.

"I never gave it to her, I always loved Miku-san," said A. Kondo, adding to the name of the "bride" a Japanese word for respect.

"I thought about it every day," he said a week after the marriage, he told AFP.

Since March, Kondo lives with a mobile hologram and Miku speaker of 2,500. euro-worth computer.

"I fell in love with the whole concept of Hatsune Mike, but I took Miku out of my house," he said, looking at the blue, a bright image of the capsule.

"Damn you!"

He considers himself a simple married man: his holographic wife wakes him up in the morning, entering the work of the administrator at school.

At night, when he tells her on her cell phone that she is coming home, she turns on the lights. Later she tells him it's time to go to bed.

He is sleeping next to his doll, the same one who attended the "wedding" and now has a wedding ring. The ring just fits the left wrist.

The "marriage" of A. Kondo may not have any legal weight, but he is not motivated. The man even brought his Mikko doll to the jewelry store to buy the ring.

The "Marriage Certificate" was issued by hologram devices with Mike Gatebox. The article states that a person and a virtual person are married to "beyond dimensions."

In addition, Kondo is not alone: ​​he says Gatebox has issued more than 3,700. "Interdimensional" marriage certificates and some people sent you a message of support.

"There must be people who can not say out loud that they want to have a marriage. I want to encourage them," he said.

A. Kondo's path to Mike started after being seriously concerned about women because of the animosity of a teenager.

"The girls said," Go after hell, terrible otaku! "- he said, using a Japanese word called aberrations, often giving the word a negative meaning.

Subsequently, a woman in her previous workplace suffered with this as a nervous breakdown, and he decided never to go.

In Japan today, that would not be a very unusual thing. Men in the 1980s to 50s were one in 50, and now that number is one in four.

But eventually A. Kondo realized that Mick had loved him for more than a decade and decided to take her.

"Sexual minority"

"Miku-san is a woman I love and saved me," he said.

And while Kondo would love his friendship with any "3D woman," romances with such people do not interest him as he squeezes his mother.

The two-dimensional person does not deceive, he does not die and does not die, he pointed out.

"I'm not looking for a real woman. That's impossible," Kondo said.

However, even because of an animation in a crazy country, his marriage was very shocked. But he himself wants to be recognized as a "sexual minority" who can not imagine himself dating true women.

"It just is not right, it's like trying to persuade gays to find a woman or a lesbian to keep in touch with her husband," he said. – It has long been called (recognition) of diversity in society. "

"You will not be fortunately tied to the" model of happiness "when a husband and wife marry and have children, says A. Kondo." I believe we should consider all kinds of manifestations of love and all sorts of happiness. "


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