Consequences of the negotiations: The new EPA tariff would bring 4 million. income, higher child's money – 155 million costs


According to data from the Ministry of Social Security and Labor (SADM), the goal is to raise the child's money to 70 euros, and for the poor and children of large families – up to 100 euros; EUR

In this year's budget, with a universal benefit of € 50, and for children from large and needy families, € 70, € 337.7 million were reserved for children's money. EUR

The goal of raising the child's money was lifted by the Lithuanian Election Action Association (LLRA-KSS) which joined the coalition. Initially, the party asked for an increase of up to € 100 for all families with children. According to ministry estimates, this would require $ 635 million per year of the budget. EUR

Another coalition partner possible The Social Democratic Labor Party reiterated its goal of 32%. Income Tax (PIT). In this case, three APA rates would apply next year – 20%, 27%. and 32 percent

According to preliminary estimates by the Ministry of Finance, the introduction of an additional EPA progressive fee on labor-related income, that is, income up to 84% of the average salary (VMU) at 20% tax. from 84 VDU to 120 VMU – 27 percent and more than 120 VMU – 32 percent. budgetary revenue would amount to around € 4 million. EUR

The Order and Justice party, which is also planning to join the coalition, signaled a desire for greater child care benefits. They are now 54% in the first year. the father's or mother's salary, the second – 31%.

Initially, the Orderers ordered the first year up to 100 percent. father's or mother's salary, according to 75%. The party's position was softened – 100% in the first year and 45% in the second. maternity or maternity. According to SADM data, child care costs for the state would be LTL 114 million. EUR

Although the spokesperson "ordering" Vytautas Kamblevičius threatened to give up negotiations, if the wishes of the paternity-maternity party were to be sidelined, this did not happen – due to childcare benefits, according to the "peasant" spokesman Tom Tomilin, is no longer fit, "Order and Justice" does not deny the goal of being a new part of the coalition.

According to Tylomin, the draft coalition agreement also did not seek to exempt 25-year-old maids for the first time to introduce free meals for children next year.

It has already been announced that the proposal to introduce 5% has been dropped. VAT rate for fresh food.

On thursday potential coalition partners agreed to the meeting The new "social workers" rate offered by the EPA, but without reaching a consensus on the size of the child to grow – at this time the LLRA-KSS is reaching 80 euros for all the children next year, the peasants offer a increase of up to 70 euros, plus an additional 30 euros for the poor and children of many families.

The coalition agreement is expected to be signed on Tuesday.


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