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Catch of $ 17 million: the latest decree of J. Valančiūnas


If in the North Sea or Norway J.Valančiūnas caught a goldfish, Lithuania would probably call for a lucrative new long-term contract.

This is also the intention of J.Valančiūnas now, counting the last hours before the contractual deadline.

On June 13 at night in the US, that is, until approximately early Friday morning in Lithuania's time, J.Valančiūnas has to decide whether to activate the "player option" provided in his contract.

For this reason, J.Valaciunas traded in the summer of 2015 when the Toronto Raptors agreed to a 64-million-year-old. US Dollar Contract.

Photo of Twitter / John Valančiūnas and Masai Ujiri

Photo of Twitter / John Valančiūnas and Masai Ujiri

He predicted the following condition: before the last season of his contract in the summer of 2019, Valančiūnas himself would decide if he would pay 17.6 million. USD to activate the fourth year of the contract, or withdraw from the contract and enter the free agent market.

The trends over the last few years are that players on non-superstar shelves, especially mid-range players, typically use the "player option" and complete their contracts until their expected expiration.

For example, starting in 2018, when the NBA pay raise brought a handbrake, league basketball players increasingly scrutinized the player's choice. Last summer, 20 of 28 basketball players decided to use the clause of the contract to extend the contract.

There are expected to be a few exceptions this summer. Only the brightest NBA stars, who want to make lucrative new long-term deals, can safely leave the millions at the table.

On the other hand, while the $ 17.6 million contract in dollar seems tempting (J.Valančiūnas would be 13 on the list of the best paid centers of the NBA), J.Valančiūnas would like to monetize his fantastic 2018-2019. the season finale in Memphis.

It looks impressive: in 19 games with the Memphis Grizzlies team, JV won med. 19.9 points (54.5% in the previous year, 27.8% three times), recovered 10.7, scored 2.2 results and issued 1.6 blocks.

With these statistics in total 2018-2019. In the regular season of the NBA, the J.Valančiūnas would be placed in the top seven of the best centers of the NBA, only two Nikolai – Vučevičius and Jokičius.

For example, last year, a Nikola-Jokičius of the Denver Nuggets earned $ 5 million and $ 147 million. Agreement in Dollars. A guarantee – a long-term contract – must be more jealous than the cash amount of J.Valančiūnas.

The Lithuanian himself publicly expressed his desire to remain in Memphis for a few years, but this love has yet to be documented by the Grizzlies Club, in whose will offer a solid long-term contract for the midfielder.

Photo of Scanpix / John Valančiūnas

Photo of Scanpix / John Valančiūnas

It is naïve to suppose that, under current NBA market conditions, Valančiūnas could expect a long-term contract that would generate $ 18 million a year. But it should be hit by a potentially smaller annual amount, but a long-term commitment.

According to NBA rules, J. Valančiūnas can not negotiate directly with the Grizzlies until July 1. But in his environment he can learn the intentions of the Memphis team.

So, for example, after receiving clear signals from Grizzlies on a plan to sign a long-term contract, Valančiūnas could refuse the "player option", officially become a free agent on July 1, but immediately sign the subscription under a new Memphis contract whose duration could be at least three years.

The best pay centers of the NBA in 2019-2020
Player Team Salary
Cave Horford Boston Celtics 30.1 million (if used)
Kevin Love Cleveland Cavaliers 28.9 million
Joel Embiid Philadelphia 76ers 27.5 million
Nikola Jokich Denver Nuggets 27.4 million
Cities in Karl-Anthony Minnesota Timberwolves 27.3 million
Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons 27.1 million
Hassan Whiteside Miami Heat 27.1 million (if used)
Steven Adams Oklahoma City Thunder 25.8 million
Marc Gasolis Toronto Raptors 25.6 million (if used)
Rudy Gobert Utah Jazz 25 million
Tristan Thompson Cleveland Cavaliers 18.5 million
Myles Turner Indiana Pacers 18 million
Jonas Valančiūnas Memphis Grizzlies 17.6 million (if used)
Bismack Biyombo Charlotte Hornets 17 million

J.Valančiūnas can take a chance, give up the player's choice and look for another team.

For him, the biggest competition in the free agent market would be DeAndre Jordan, perhaps Hassan Whiteside, as well as DeMarcus Cousins, Nikola Vučevičius and Brook Lopez.

These are just small fish compared to the stars that should rock the market: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, Khris Middleton or Kemba Walker.

But NBA analysts measure that there are no potential open landings for J.Valančiūnas to bite boldly in the free agent market. In addition, the first shelf centers are not the players that NBA clubs tend to invest generously.

J.Valančiūnas is more likely to choose "player option". The reason for such a recommendation is that J.Valančiūnas's decision to abandon the "player option" would be too risky, with the risk of getting much less money (for example, a three-year, $ 30 million contract) and not the most attractive staff.

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The last hours of Mr. Valančiūnas's decision must be quite warm, because the Grizzlies finally hired a new man. Coach Taylor Jenkins. The center will have about 24 hours to talk about its potential role in Memphis.

And talk about what. The most important answers the JV will look for will be Yen's approach to intermediary invaders.

It may depend on whether Memphis will be interested in offering John a long-term contract. It will depend on whether the "player option" is to be chosen by J.Valančiūnas in Memphis next season will not be reduced in minutes and in a smaller role, which in a year will complicate the position of free agents. The center selected by the Player option can be changed later. J.Valančiūnas would become an attractive part of the exchange because he would acquire the status of a player with contract that has expired, which often becomes an extra bait.

These are also the heavy odds by J.Valančiūnas.

Photo of Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Eglė Valančiūnienė and Jonas Valančiūnas

Photo of Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Eglė Valančiūnienė and Jonas Valančiūnas

JB Bickerstaff was an ideal specialist for J.Valančiūnas because he trusted the midfielder. Behind the scenes, Grizzlies may be more likely to use 19-year-old Jarren Jackson talent at the center of the future, though that's not yet ready. On the other hand, until the trauma, J. Jackson and J.Valančiūnas were able to play together only 59 attacks, so it will be very interesting for the Lithuanian to hear how Yenkins will see the sight of Grizzlies tall men.

Of course, Ja Morantu, a newcomer to the Grizzlies' outfit, would become a resumption button for the NBA club. Committed and patient in helping to scale the Toronto Raptors' competitive team in the early part of their career, the JV may now have other needs that are more important than contract value and contract security.

J.Valančiūnas decision to abandon LTL 17.6 million The options of the US dollar player would surprise the world of the NBA. But the rest of the hours can happen and the JV delays the decision until the last minute by accident.

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