Bunke's beloved is surprised by her ex-husbands: she has come out of the mass


For more than a decade, world-renowned artist Natalia Bunke is well aware of all the rules of popularity but can not agree with some of the men who have changed their lives so far. Only your beloved Edgar Eidey knows how to find the way to the heart of a famous woman.

"There were so many dramas in my life that the book could be written. Only now everyone has calmed down, "a well-known woman begins with an interview.

You have recently started a workshop for your flower bouquets, playing with YVA, Pop Ladies and as a soloist. You also have your own business. Is it time for yourself on such a tense agenda?

Sometimes I can sit on the couch and watch TV sometimes. However, I am a woman and I can do ten jobs well at the same time as all of us (smiling). I also know how to plan everything and prioritize everything. I divided my priorities into my life and led them. Of course, this was taught by life itself and my mistakes.

You will also rarely see me at events or parties. I get many invitations, but I always refuse. If I have something really interesting, I really will, but I will not waste my time. Just my own different priorities. I'd rather spend time with my family or working. At home, it is much more fun to sit down at our evening activities and stay together, helping, helping each other. Edgar is always happy to help me with my other activities, even after finishing my work. He is unreal.

Gold effect masks have become popular in Lithuania, for which you gained popularity. How are they so fascinated by you?

In fact, in the summer I was looking for a product like that. Earlier I bought masks at one go for the eyes, but realized it was expensive and simply not worth it. In Lithuania, there has been a shortage of quality masks and real effects for eyes that are highly hydrated, with collagen and retinol, which promote skin regeneration and soften fine wrinkles. It was up to me to figure out what would help reduce the so-called purses under my eyes to restore moisture balance.

Since I have a concert and other works, it is very important for me to deal quickly and look beautiful without spending much time. There was a shortage of things in other tools, so I learned about the improved formula masks that completely meet expectations.

Is it true that there will be more products in this series?

It is not absurd to say that this is a favorite mask of the stars. It is constantly used by all my stage mates. Many famous women and even men liked and already shared positive feelings with these masks.

I think success is inspiring, so I already know that other new products, such as lips masks and serums, will be introduced. I do it all alone because I would never recommend what would not have the best effect.

Natalia Bunke (photo from MIKITA photography (Mikas Kytra and Nick Tackachenko)

Natalia Bunke (photo from MIKITA photography (Mikas Kytra and Nick Tackachenko)

So, this recipe of beauty?

Appearance should not always be ideal, but a good mood is more important. I know if I'm crazy about something, I'll look bad. However, if I'm tired and unhappy, just have my lips reddish – sometimes on the floor (laughs). Of course, rest is the best friend of beauty, but after all, we just do not have it.

The smile does not disappear from the face. They say that only a woman in love can be very beautiful. Do you think about marriage to your beloved Edgar?

We really did not think about the wedding yet. And probably do not ask me (laughs). However, I ran twice and I do not feel like going to the altar for the third time.

For Edgar, this would be the first marriage, but I do not think he wants to. Yes This is a natural phase of relationships, but I realize that it does not change anything in life. I really do not understand what we need to get married, celebrate and spend a lot of money. It's better to buy something for that money. I want to spend them properly and observe them in practice.

Have you answered yourself, what is the true secret of a harmonious relationship?

I am a small expert here and I can not speak much about good relationships. After all, my two marriages were unsuccessful. When a couple lives together for three years, they can not say that they will be together until the board.

I always had a good example of my parents. They have lived together for many years, loving each other and creating a real family model in my subconscious. It seems to me that I will be less and less. Courage is a sincere relationship. If the relationship were physical or psychologically violent, I would feel a threat, without going back. I do not understand these relationships.

Man is easy to ruin, but when you stand firm on your feet – you have nothing to lose. It's better to start a new relationship than to stay toxic. It is not always possible to put everything in order and not always change people. Trying always worth it, but unfortunately not always possible. I really have a bitter experience and just tried to understand that nothing will change any more.

A humble housewife can not imagine? Could you adapt and fully obey your husband?

I've never adjusted. I really want to be independent. There are women who can keep quiet and calm, and the humiliation is really hurting.

I made several decisions in life. Sometimes I was wrong. And well, those mistakes were in my life. I really know my value. I'm not a materialist who only has money. What matters to me is how I and my relatives feel. I can not stand the imbalance in and in life, so that's probably the case. I never knew how to adapt and remain silent.

My first man (Deivydas Zvonkus) wanted me not to lose this peculiarity and said that truth and openness are the biggest advantage of my personality. I can not stand when others can try to be better than they are and thus forget the true self.

Were there not times when you thought there would never be a suitable man after a series of failures?

I still tell Edgar that there are no faithful men. And then he asks me which ditches I shared earlier. I'm still waiting (laughing). Let's animate and see, but until now I'm scared and I do not believe in the faithfulness of men. I believe many women will agree that once burned, it is difficult to trust that even the most honest man.

It was important to me, like every mother, that a man who came to my life would love my son too. Edgar has no children and it was not easy for him to find the key to Christopher's heart. In our family, everything happened gradually. Then there was respect for each other and they became friends.

Now Edgar's word is very important. Before that, we talked and talked a lot. I know my son and I know that a child of that age can simply say that you are not a father and there is nothing to explain. But my son did not even have such thoughts. This is not the second parent. He is your friend and your relationship is very strong. Each mother does not have a more beautiful view of a happy child. When there is harmony at home and in the family, and everyone has common goals and feels happy – it is better and not to be. Everything seems so mundane and simple as impossible. However, the work here is huge.

However, Edgar is eight years younger and can often think of being under the sole. And how is your family really?

Edgar under the block (laughs)? Well no! Edgar worked in the police where he was able to handle all kinds of hair actors, so I'm just a flower (smiling). He had to see everything at work and even when he was sent, he just stepped back and allowed me to calm down.

When I realize that I have done what I should not, I come to apologize for myself. He knows that the more you incite me, the worse it will be and it will light up (laughs). Your rules are simple. He's young, but he's very promising and I see that. What he would not do, he's fine.

Do you dream about what life you will live and what it will be, for example, after five years?

I can not say what it will be five years later. Maybe we'll be surprised at what I can be. Do not set goals for five years ahead. Unless I speak aloud to some and about my plans, I knew how to achieve success. However, it is easy to know if you do everything you do and maximize your efforts. And this time after the seminar I felt so happy because I gave up on myself. But I did not feel socks or fists here.

I truly believe that happiness is when you put effort, work, time, strength and you achieve in one hundred percent. I feel a great responsibility. I'll be open, I did not sleep a few nights before this seminar. I drank the sleeping pills to put on at least one sweater. I gave my heart and it was so good to see that we were able to do everything and the participants were so enthusiastic and happy. The women arrived from Britain, Norway and Germany.

You also said a lot about it in your Instagram account. Sometimes it seems like you are communicating with your followers. There is never a desire to be alone, do not bother more?

Numerous things have not yet been said, and there are no dramas in my life … Books can be written. Maybe Instagram shares only good things. Of course, there is a negative life in life and sometimes even want to share and warn you to be careful. I feel responsible to the followers. Sometimes I think of myself as filming myself negative and just excluding. In life and so many negatives, and at the same time want people and inspire, give something good. But I also believe that communicating and being open to the end is necessary, so here you really see me.


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