Blessed Nicholson said that the most common problems in their homes were: I would not make an ideal mother


Birutė Eimontaitė, chief of communications for Telia Telecom, who started three years ago, points out that the subject of secure Internet in Lithuania is increasingly interested, since several generations, accompanied by intelligent technologies from birth, are disclosed in a statement to the press.

"Every new generation knows a lot more and uses a much smarter technology than it used to be. However, online safety issues remain relevant and communication and communication between adults and children is becoming increasingly important. So, as part of the "Growing Internet" initiative, we want to build trust among children and parents in terms of time spent on the Internet – about the challenges they face and how they can be resolved, "says Eimontaite.

Labels for "bad cops" for parents

By the end of 2018, a children's poll conducted by Telia showed that more than half of them did not want more parents to get involved in their online activities, and only a fifth would agree to spend more time online with their parents or supervise them.

Blessed Nicholson said that the most common problems in their homes were: I would not make an ideal mother

As a partner in Growing Internet, Line of Children, which provides emotional support to children and adolescents, notes that children often do not tell parents when they experience painful online experiences because they think they will not understand, not They will help and fear that there will be no telephone, limited computer use, etc. Then the parents take the label of the "bad cop" almost immediately.

"For kids to confide in and tell about their difficulties, it is very important that parents talk and interest what their kids are doing online and try to see for themselves which social networks are interacting, how those networks, games, or gadgets. " in the face of difficulties. Sometimes children can talk about different situations, how they should behave when they see somewhere on the Internet, for example, how to get rid of someone else, how to report inappropriate content, "dr. Dr. Robert Povilaitis.

Last year, the Children's Line received more than 600 requests from children and adolescents for difficulties in online communication. Mostly, children and teenagers are looking for help with electronic bullying, but it's far from the only challenge. Child Line volunteers and psychologists note that children are also applying for privacy protection, caring about their reputation on the Internet, experiencing love, relationship or sexuality in the virtual space.

B. Nicholson: My Recipe – Opening

A mother of four, TV presenter, journalist and cookbook publisher, B.Nicholson, said she started talking about security with her parents soon after they started using the Internet and became interested in various YouTube channels.

Blessed Nicholson

Blessed Nicholson

We have established strict rules with the husband on how and where children can surf the Internet, for example, all smartphone gadgets are installed only with the parent's message and we set the time to use a computer or phone

Blessed Nicholson

"I will not be an ideal mom and I will not tell you how simple it is. I admit that conflicts with children in our home usually result from the use of telephones and computers, and more specifically, the duration and content of their use. We have set rigid rules with her husband, how and where children can surf the Internet, for example, all devices on smartphones are installed only with the message from the father, and we set the time to use a computer or phone, "says Nicholson.

But, she said, strict bans will never be effective. "If children are accustomed to talking to their parents, they will come sooner or later to say who is worried about them," says the mother of four children .

According to B. Nicholson, it is important not to leave a child alone in an inexhaustible online space. "From time to time, without offending your child, you should keep an eye on what you are doing there. Although it is difficult, but one needs to understand that the child needs privacy, he also wants to have his own world on the internet. For us parents, without blaming the child, we need to make sure that the world is aligned with their age group and not too much, "says Nicholson, adding that all this is ensured by social networking and internet innovations.

L.Surnaitė: When the son found YouTube, the rest time is over

Writer, author of books, L.Surnaitė jokes that when her son finds YouTube and other popular sites, the time of peace has passed a long time. But so far, we have managed to avoid misunderstandings or unpleasant situations, because the famous mother speaks with an emoter on all topics that interest her.

Lavija Šurnaitė

Lavija Šurnaitė

© Photo of the organization

"With children talking openly about everything, they realize that parents are the first people to come into contact with any problem. So the internet is not an exclusive subject. The only way to help a child grow up safely online is to watch what she does there. I keep hearing what the kid is watching on the internet, what he's looking for, what he's interested in. Sometimes we sit down and watch the videos he chose. We are arguing that reality is different from fiction on the Internet, how these videos are talking, what images are displayed, and so on, "says L.Surnaitė.

The prominent mother admits that it is still easier to control the situation so far because her son does not have a smartphone and the school he attends has a policy that no phones are needed in the classroom. "In the future, issues and situations related to social networks and the Internet will inevitably increase. However, I believe there is already a good basis for the child to come to me and that we will find a way out together, "says L. Šurnaitė.

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