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In the public sphere, politicians have heard that only children who have been vaccinated should attend kindergartens and their parents choked. Some of these ideas are welcome, while others are, on the contrary, worrisome and feel that government should not interfere with privacy. There are hundreds of unvaccinated children under the age of seven in Klaipeda.

In kindergarten – only after vaccination

The benefits and drawbacks of vaccination for young children in Klaipeda are truly different.

Some believe that vaccines are harmful and can have irreversible effects on the body.

The other part of the parents does not worry about vaccination and ensures that only in this way will it be possible to protect themselves from dangerous diseases and only those who are vaccinated should attend educational institutions.

This is the only way to prevent epidemics, which are at greater risk, the more day-care centers or schools go to kindergartens or schools.

Some parents are openly angry: why should their children be infected by those who gave birth to the vaccine and not vaccinated their children?

There have also been requests for sanctions to be imposed on such parents, and their children are prohibited from entering a day care or school.

After injection – directly to the hospital

However, Ilona, ​​a four-year-old boy from Klaipeda, has doubts about the benefits of vaccination because she was rushed to hospital after vaccination with her son.

"The vaccine was given to the child on the thigh, and the next day the child's foot became red and swollen." After running to the hospital, the doctor told me that an allergic reaction had occurred. vaccines.

According to her, this decision should not be entrusted to politicians or governors, but to parents, otherwise the right to self-determination would be violated.

"We live in the 21st century in a democratic state, so the word" forced "- is inadequate. Parents can decide for themselves what is best for their children," Klaipeda said.

However, according to Simona, the mother of two children in Klaipeda, vaccination is one of the most reliable ways to protect children from disease.

I think only educated children should attend educational institutions.

"Both my children go to kindergarten and are vaccinated." I did not even think so, of course vaccines sometimes have negative consequences, allergies, but their benefits are much greater. repent after illness. " I think only children who have been vaccinated must attend educational institutions, "women do not weave the need for wool.

The vaccine is badly born

In Lithuania, children are vaccinated free of charge according to the Child Preventive Immunization Schedule approved by the Minister of Health.

Children who attend educational institutions and do not attend them are vaccinated.

According to the prepared plan, children and adolescents are vaccinated 31 times from birth to age 16 (some vaccines need to be repeated several times).

Newborns are vaccinated against hepatitis B within 24 hours, and two to three days of age are vaccinated against tuberculosis.

They are also vaccinated against pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, pneumococcal infection, measles, mumps, rubella, type B infections, human papillomavirus, meningococcal type B infection, rotavirus infections.

Other infectious diseases outside the schedule of preventive vaccination, such as tick-borne encephalitis, chickenpox, children with hepatitis A, can be vaccinated with a vaccine.

If the child is not vaccinated on time, an individual vaccination schedule is provided as indicated.

Vaccination for children or not, parents still choose free will.

Unnumbered numbers are amazing

According to data from the National Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health, Department of Klaipėda, last year most of the children were vaccinated against measles, epidemic mumps and rubella in the port city.

"In 2018, 88.2% of two-year-old children and 90% of seven-year-olds were vaccinated with the MMR vaccine in Klaipeda," said Brigita Kairienė, head of the Infectious Disease Management Department.

445 children under the age of seven remained unvaccinated.

The order – to court

Authorities are turning their heads over how to contain infections and viruses that are occurring in Lithuania.


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