At Auto Bazaar 2019, there are several motorcycle tests


The Auto Bazar 2019 is an exhibition and test drive for a wide range of motor vehicles, so we also focus on two-wheeled vehicles. As the season grows, motorcycles and scooters become popular in Lithuania, so visitors interested in acquiring them will have the opportunity to test and compare various models in one place, "says Valdas Valiukevičius, one of the organizers of Auro Bazaar 2019.

He was fascinated by his experience in 2018

In 2018 – the first Auto Bazaar 2019 – the only motorcycle dealers in Lithuania, the Motoshop representative in Lithuania. The event and activity of its participants left a big impression on the mission team, so this was the first in 2019. list of participants. Following are the Can-Am Moto Marine dealers, the Yamaha Niken, the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer GT, the Yamaha YZF R125R and the Yamatecha Yamaha MT-09 dealers. "CFMoto, Royal Enfield and Polaris" The Motorer to Auto Bazaar 2019 aims to bring 10 ATVs, motorcycles and motorcycles and install a special test room where visitors can test them.

Partner Photo / MTM 790 Adventure

Partner Photo / MTM 790 Adventure

"Last year, we did not know if this format would work with motorcycles, but it's the first time in Lithuania. but this year we fulfilled the requirement much earlier – the printing was very good. We expect our competitors to test their equipment, which will help create an even better event, "says Mindaugas Šimėnas, Motoshop's sales manager.

KTM will present and give you the opportunity to test two bikes at the show – as mission representatives say best seller KTM 390 DUKE and Travel 790 ADVENTURE.

The first is a lightweight, agile and maneuverable urban motorcycle – just over 5,000. The Lithuanians liked the cost model Eur.

"The manufacturer focuses on a younger driver – for example, just passing a driving test and driving a motorcycle with a power of up to 35 kW, but we are attracted to people of all ages. Bazaar 2019 on this motorcycle would like to prove that a small engine capacity can provide many good emotions, "says M. Šimėnas.

Partner photo / Can-Am Ryker 2

Partner photo / Can-Am Ryker 2

Another motorbike for the adventurers is the KTM 790 ADVENTURE, capable of overcoming various sections of asphalt, gravel or off-road. The bike has a 95 hp engine, weighs 189 kg and is the manufacturer's main novelty this year.

Innovation is a tricycle

Just like cars, the motorcycle market is also influenced by the growing number of electric motors. The number of cars with a power plant in Lithuania has already exceeded a thousand, so far motorcycles and scooters can be counted with several hands. However, it is constantly growing. M. Šimėnas admitted to believing that, after ten years, at least 20% of the population would be in the same position. The sale of new bikes and scooters will consist of an electric motor.

But the electric motors are still a long way off. Much closer and more frequent are the tricycles, and one of them – the Can-Am Ryker – will be presented by Moto Marine. These are unique bikes, maneuverable and powerful for driving in the city.

Tricycles and scooters are popular in warmer climates, and the driver can relax more while driving – he does not need to be balanced, his leg can stay on the motorcycle when he stops at the junction. The control of such a vehicle is quite different – it is heavier than a bicycle, but its center of gravity is usually below. In Lithuania, three-wheeled motorcycles are just taking their first steps, but their popularity is expected to grow slowly.

Partner Photo / MMM 390 Duke

Partner Photo / MMM 390 Duke

As with other motorcycles, the driver must wear a helmet and have a category A driver's license. With category B, he can only drive with mopeds up to 45 km / h, usually up to 50 cubic meters. cm Scooters with gasoline engine capacity.

About the Auto Bazaar 2019

Auto Bazaar 2019 is one of the largest car culture events in Lithuania where visitors can visit several new cars, bikes in one place, try them on and talk to vendors, admire historical, sports, modified equipment, inspect and even test campers, evaluate various transportation services. , purchase the necessary parts of the vehicle. "Auto Bazar 2019" is an event organized for the second year, to be held from 11 to 11 May at the Lithuanian Congress and Exhibition Center, Litexpo.

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