ASVEL will have to tire of the title even more without losing ground in Monaco


The first defeat in the series of finals of the French Championship was the Vilerbano ASVEL Club with Mannie's Kalnieitis.

The team represented by Lithuania is on the move 62:97 (17:22, 13:30, 22:28, 10:17) did not resist the basketball players of Monaco from Monaco.

In the series, up to three wins, the ASVEL team is still in the lead 2: 1.

Kalnietis spent 13 minutes on the parquet and won 2 points (1/2 colonies, 0/2 from three points) during this time, scored 4 results, missed 2 times, missed and provoked fouls and finished with a score of 1 point.

The fourth series will also be held in Monaco.

AS Monaco: Dee Bosta 23 (4/6 three points, 9/11 penalty), Elmedin Kikanovich 13, Gerald Robinson (6/9 colonies) and Paul Lacombe (6/9 colonies, 6 recruits) after 12.

ASVEL: Miro Bilan 14 (7/8 colonies, 6 recruits), Amine Noua 12 (7 recruits), Charles Kahudi 8.


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