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Arvydas Stonys is not afraid to talk about his illness – he dares share his story, has discovered news, participates in various meetings and conferences. A well-known man ensures that, no matter how much blood theft is a cancer diagnosis, he can not be afraid and should be interested in any treatment method that is really good nowadays.

One of them, Arvydas, discovered a special herbal preparation filled with polyphenolic compounds, regularly used by a famous British oncologist, Professor Robert J. Thom, a professor at the University of Cambridge, who regularly helped the illusionist to contain the disease and get great results today.

"Today I feel good and I'm happy with the news that my illness is getting worse. Surveys abroad have shown that the Glison indicator, which shows how much malignant cancer is, is declining. Two and a half years ago, Glison was set to 7, and now Glison is set to 6, so there's no need for radical treatment. In addition, regression of the disease has also been demonstrated by repeated MRI scans and continuous PSA monitoring, "said A.Stonys, who is not positive.

Photo by TV3 / Watch by Stonys

Photo by TV3 / Watch by Stonys

Asked about what had changed in his life when he heard a shrewd diagnosis of prostate cancer, the man said he needed a lot of effort to change his way of life, but the results were only more conducive to new habits and the old ones.

"I take good care of my health and well-being, not as meat, I practice sports and I use a special supplement created by scientists every day for 3 capsules 3 times a day. Before the diagnosis, life was different, there was no need to control it, there were parties and a cake, and three times a day delicious meat, and now everything has changed – nutrition has changed, physical activity has changed, I try to I can before life was.

In addition, I also managed to think, because sometimes lacked positivity. And these changes are terrible when you are forced to do them. But as long as you're on the threshold, when you cross, you'll see that the changes do not cause any inconvenience, life becomes a bit different, but it's equally interesting and fascinating, "Stonys said boldly.

Photo of Žygimantas Gedvilos / 15min / Analysis by Stonys

Photo of Žygimantas Gedvilos / 15min / Analysis by Stonys

The man admits that the oncological disease of the tail is no longer a judgment today, since medicine has advanced rapidly than it did 20 or 30 years ago. Arvydas encourages everyone to take care of themselves, move around more, use additional polyphenols, not ignore prophylactic programs, visit a family doctor regularly, and care for themselves until it is too late because cancer illness can reach every third of us.

"The first thing to understand is that the backyard is already from the 21st century and the diagnosis of cancer is no longer a death sentence. Science is making a lot of progress, you need to be interested, look for new methods of treatment and lifestyle. In most cases, cancer is controlled here, as with toothache: if you wait without doing anything, the tooth will have to be removed, but if you come in contact with it, the tooth can succeed and save money.

The same happens with cancer, taking care of you constantly, you can not lower your hand, because cancer is a treacherous disease, when you feel, it is usually too late and therefore it is necessary to mobilize all possible forces to change your thinking and lifestyle. I'm happy to be able to advise and help the people who come to me, "says Stanys.

The importance of balanced and supplemented nutrition with scientifically proven polyphenol for our health and the fight against occlusive diseases on the TV8 TV program "Tree of Health" has also been spoken by the most prominent Lithuanian and European teachers, and its full history will be seen by the audience on Sunday.

Vegetables and fruits are rich in phytochemicals – polyphenols, which not only provide plants with color, aroma and taste, but also protect the cells of the human body from damage. British scientists with clinical trials with cancer patients have shown that pomegranate, broccoli, turmeric and green tea capsules are clearly improving the lives of cancer patients and that combined polyphenols from different plants and concentrated in one capsule successfully inhibit the progression of cancer. due to its synergistic effects. immunity and affects inflammatory processes.

"The hypothesis of the study is that if these products, rich in polyphenolic compounds, can protect a person every day, it will be their anticancer property." The study showed that the effect of polyphenols and other phytochemicals is really good, but when I came across patients saw that the effect is even better because they not only used the supplement, but also changed their way of life, "said Cambridge on the" Health Tree "program.University Professor Robert J. Thomas, an oncologist at Benford and Adenbro Hospital, sharing tips on how to change a lifestyle to prevent menacing diseases.

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Review by Stonys

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Review by Stonys

Nutrition rich in plant polyphenols, according to scientists, helps prevent the risk of cancer, senile dementia, arthritis, cardiovascular disease. Paul Clayton, one of the most famous European health scientists visiting Lithuania, has shown that balanced nutrition and natural polyphenols are good for old age and for chronic inflammatory diseases.

"If we look at the whole food that is available to us today, we can clearly see that the food is full of salt, sugar and calories, but it's all over. The low consumption of vitamins, trace elements and vital nutrients is one of the reasons that cause us chronic inflammation, "said scientist P. Clayton on the importance of nutrition for the body.

A healthy lifestyle and a rich diet of polyphenols are associated with a slower progression of cancer – the well-known Lithuanian professor, Virginijus Šapoka, head of the Santara Clinic's Center for Internal Illness, also supports. For many years, taking care of patients' health, the doctor asks everyone to love each other, adjust their diets, and receive the help of balanced, scientifically proven polyphenol supplements that help reduce the need for chemical drugs and prevent threatening illnesses.

"Nutrition must be very varied in fruits and vegetables because each plant is rich in different materials that our body needs. Polyphenols have a very high antioxidant effect, and reactive forms of oxygen, which cause cell death, very good antioxidants destroy and restore the vitality of our cells. In this way, we have more beautiful skin, healthy hair, energy, muscle mass that does not run as fast as together. That means we need to get enough polyphenols every day, "Professor Shapoka shared the advice.

What should be nutrition to avoid oncological diseases, what to eat, not suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases, what are the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and many other useful health tips – in the Health Tree medical program, where long experience of the doctor Irena Pivoriūnienė uniu Producers, Producer of Wires Vida Skaisgirė Youth Dexterity – Sunday, 15:00 on TV8!


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