After the retirement of S. T. Šeskevicius after the tournament in Vilnius in the organization of KOK


Saturday's tournament at the Siemens Arena on Saturday night was the traditional "Hero & # 39; s & KOK World Series 2018" martial arts tournament, this time the audience saw two warming moons and 11 big night battles.

Quite shockingly finished Vitoldas Jagelos and Turkish Bayramo Yalcino The fighters passed the first round on the squad until they were judged by them. A little dissatisfied, the Turks actively quarreled with both the Judge and President of the Bushid Federation of Lithuania, Donat Simanaitis, and refused to continue fighting. Although soon the fight was declared "without the winner", but after a few moments the decision was changed and the winner was chosen the Lithuanian V.Jagėlo.

Following this tournament, an unexpected announcement of his exit from the Judiciary in KOK was announced by his longtime judge. Saulius Šeškevičiuswho posted on facebook the most important priorities of the social network.

"There are a lot of passions and emotions in the KOK tournament, some have won and some have lost, this is the kind of combat sport I am not the first to judge this tournament, many spectators believe judges are biased and try to win the championship. I can tell all the experts about myself: in the first round, I have the health of the fighters – no matter if I am a Lithuanian or a foreigner. Secondly, although this is a commercial tournament, however, I always try to follow the rules of the tournament organizers and, thirdly, respect and respect for the principles of honors. Thank you to everyone who values ​​my work as a judge and I want to tell you that I have stopped my trial activities in KOK tournaments. I say, maybe I'll come back if … "- wrote S.Šeškevičius.

"" contacted S. Šeskevičius, who explained the situation with the Turkish fighter and reaffirmed that the health of the fighters was a top priority for him.

"The Turks did not contribute to my decision to give up the KOK tournaments.The man lost, and he spotted many scams that I would advise a Lithuanian fighter to do.This is some kind of absurdity and an attempt to avoid the continuation of the fight I explained to a Lithuanian fighter that, according to the rules of bushid, if he does not take a bigger initiative, I will put the fighters in the position, although according to the international rules of the MMA, if any activity and work is happening in the parterre, it is impossible to build it. However, the fight was carried out according to the rules of MG Bushid, "said S. Šeškevičius.

Although S. Ceskevicius has said that he has decided to withdraw because "they are better than him," he also mentioned his priorities.

"My philosophy is that health is more expensive than any trade," said S. Šeskevičius.

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