After talking about childbirth at home, it ended up where Meghan Markle had child | The


The Daily Mail announces that the royal couple went to the hospital on Sunday. Sources say that the prince and the duchess spent the night in the hospital until finally 5 hours. 26 min. In the morning (English time) they were born with the firstborn. The child was born weighing 3,260 kg. So far, it is unclear whether doctors have had to promote delivery, just the fact that the baby was born after planned.

Several media outlets in Britain reported that the royal couple were considering giving birth at home. William and Kate, following tradition, received the Blessed of London for all their children. Beautiful private Hospitals of Mary.

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A tabloid source The Sun said that Harry and his wife wanted a more "private" environment. Buckingham Palace does not comment on the language and says it is a private affair.

Despite the fact that the couple continues to hide the child's birthplace, everything must come after the child's birth is officially registered.

The birth certificates of Princess Charlotte and Prince George on the birthplace map refer to Paddington, Westminster. Prince Harry and his wife, Duchess of Sussex, can reveal Meghan's birthplace for their first family language on Wednesday.

Although, as it is announced, a couple's son was born in London, now the whole family along with Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, is spending time at Frogmoor's residence.


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