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Last year, a new presentation of non-alcoholic beer proved the results of the Kalnapil breweries. Kalnapil's non-alcoholic beer was the most delicious and its sales grew more than twice in 2018.

Kalnapil non-alcoholic alcohols are the most delicious and appreciated participants in the blind taste study, conducted by an independent research center, the Market Research Center. Several companies were invited to participate in the first stage of the study and to obtain the best taste of non-alcoholic beverages.

The study was conducted by non-alcoholics at least once every two weeks. All other study participants have confirmed that the most delicious of them is Kalnapil non-alcoholic beer.

The blind palate test method is very simple for participants to enjoy the food or make-up they provide, without the need for a padlock, so no extraordinary provision affects the solution.

The key to the recipe formula is special

As Calnapil's brewery boss, Riard Barakn, tells us, the brewery has been consistently working at the brewery for over a year with the best taste of non-alcoholic beer. The result is a unique manufacturing process that does not differ from the production of low quality alcoholic beer.

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For the production of non-alcoholic beer, we use all the ingredients of traditional beer, malt, water, yeast hops. The lady's reception key is very special, which we found on the German yeast bank. Your ukuria beer is fermented during the fermentation process, just as in the case of bad brewing, it does not distinguish any alcohol. This requires non-alcoholic beer to be poured directly into bottles without any additional phase of alcohol consumption, says the Kalnapil brewery boss.

Barkn adds that non-alcoholic beer is usually produced by standard alcohol fermentation and subsequent alcohol filtration, thereby risking losing or weakening its taste and flavor.

The technology used in the production of non-alcoholic beer selected by Kalnapil in Europe began to apply for only a few years. Riard says that now Lithuanian breweries have the opportunity to choose non-alcoholic beverages according to the latest international trends. In this way, non-alcoholic beer is made especially popular in Germany, the home of the pond.

Kalnapil's non-alcoholic beer is now a bit of a devil and a mild taste and a bit bitter taste. As Barbara Barnna observes, this is what the monks like.

The best taste test invites you to participate in the 20th. Many

As a result of his work, the brewer Riard, who has the best taste of non-alcoholic beer, reveals that everyone will soon be able to participate in the second stage of the research and express their opinion. At the beginning of April, there will be no analogy and there will be almost 20 of them in Lithuania. moni-opinion mixture of blind taste. It will evaluate the taste of beer without alcohol.

The second stage of the taste test will begin in early April. Their locations are published at www.kalnapilisnealkoholinis.lt.

With great results, I invite you to join us in the survey. I have no doubt that non-alcoholic alcohols and Kalnapil's assessment will follow the next stage of the study, says a brilliant brewer, an international competition commissioner.

Europeans are the most non-alcoholic consumers

Speaking of new consumer needs, R. Barakn said that non-alcoholic beer is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. However, in Europe, as in other countries, its popularity is growing faster last year, its sales to the emine have grown almost 80%.

We are seeing the significant changes in the way the public lives, and they are going very fast. New lifestyle trends that include a healthy lifestyle, active leisure, the need to move around and stay anywhere contribute much to the growth of non-alcoholic beer consumption. Non-alcoholic beers can enjoy a variety of life situations, says Riard.

According to the brewery, the composition and low calorie of non-alcoholic beer are in line with the needs of healthier life-formers. It is becoming a very serious and sometimes healthier competitor for traditional soft drinks.

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