5 situations in which you "press something" on your phone and how to avoid it


Buying a new smartphone allows you to spend hours because you want to explore and test everything. It is recommended to have a new phone in hand. As soon as you discover and test all the features, the faster you'll be able to enjoy the full potential of your phone. But sometimes it happens that we press or do something and we do not know how to fix it. Fortunately, you are reading this text, in which Bit Profes lists things you can do accidentally with your phone and advises on how to avoid it.

5 situations in which you

"Generally, buyers are asking for help to bring the phone in and believe that something has been damaged, but I can guarantee that damaging the phone without throwing it on the floor is extremely difficult, so most problems are easily solved. which buyers request are usually sent in various combinations, turned on special phone mode or a deleted application.Fortunately, all this is easily organized – you just need to know, "says Bitė Profas Martynas Vrubliauskas, who works in the hall of Bitė in Vilnius Akropolis, and warns of five cases of "unintended clicks" on the phone that can make life difficult.

1. off mode

According to Mr. Vrubliauskas, sometimes customers come to charge the phone and are convinced that it is broken or a virus appeared on the phone, but they simply activated the mode for the disabled: "This is usually the case with phones When you do this, your phone comes with a special TalkBack feature that talks aloud to everything you do on your phone. All smartphones have this For example, on Samsung phones, you need to press both buttons and hold for a few seconds.This feature is designed for people with disabilities to make it easier to use the phone if you accidentally activate it – do not panic! "

2. Developer Options for Professionals

M. Vrubliauskas warns that when contacting telephony experts, it is useful to check if special options are enabled. "There are so-called" developer options "on phones to fix smart devices, download data, and so on.But do not worry – this feature really needs to be activated, so it's virtually impossible to turn it on. , if a person has contacted smartphone experts to transfer data from one phone to another, there is a good chance that this feature has been turned on, and when this feature is turned on, attempts to turn it off by pressing everything on your phone may result in a screen that will prevent you from doing anything in the long run.In those cases, we recommend that you show the phone as soon as possible. "

3. Check nine times, tenth

The first hours with the new phone, according to M. Vrubliauskas, end up getting sad for some people just because they delete something.

"A person who started using a new smartphone sees how many new gadgets he has on the phone and often decides that he does not need a lot of them, so he rubs it in. But when you start deleting and turning off these gadgets out of ignorance, disable the system program, such as Google Play Services, without which the Google Play Store will stop working, but may stop working or show other gadgets, including Viber. " WhatsApp and almost all the gadgets launched by Google: Gmail, News, Google Drive, Games, etc. "

4. The most important thing is not to rush

M. Vrubliauskas realizes that by rushing the rush work, therefore: "We often do not recommend that new baked-on phone owners skip or turn off the messages on the phone. For example, you may receive a warning that all data can or will be deleted before major software updates are made, so it is advisable to save them in the cloud or in some other way. Do not do this later, after the upgrade, can raise the question of where the data disappeared. So, before pressing the "agree" button, it is better to donate for a few minutes and read what is written than afterwards to sacrifice half a day trying to fix what you had not anticipated. "

5. One click can turn into more of a problem

"When you start using your new phone, it is very important not to push the pop-up banners, which are common when surfing the Internet. By clicking on them, you will almost certainly be hit by a virus or a malicious gadget that is on your way, which usually sends more malware to your phone. Remember that such devices can even damage your new phone, for example, forcing your processor to run at full capacity and the like. The same applies to all gadgets that are not available for download from Google Play or Samsung Store stores, so it's best to say NO to them and continue to enjoy the new phone, "says Vrubliauskas.


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