Zionist maneuvers that simulate the Hezbollah settlements in Galilee


World – occupied Palestine

Israeli maneuvers included the evacuation of settlements that Hezbollah could control or where the missiles were flowing.

The channel reported that the 91st Infantry Class Exercise exercised last week special practices in the occupied northern Palestine areas, simulating the Hezbollah war scripts, infiltrating their troops, and verifying some northern settlements near Lebanon.

The channel quotes sources from the Israeli army saying "the training is aimed at informing the soldiers about the weaknesses and strengths of Hezbollah forces, preparing for the northern confrontation".

The channel has pointed out that these practices are the result of serious concerns arising from the massive infiltration of the Hezbollah by the Israeli army, due to the borders and territories occupied by the occupied Palestine.

"These exercises have been carried out in order to activate all forces to deal with war crises against Hezbollah, and part of the war will strengthen awareness," said Israeli pilot Nathaniel Azran, who participated in the exercises.

"Such an event requires the evacuation of the population, which allows the teams to operate quietly in the region, and the main goal is not to endanger civilians," he concluded.

"Finally, it is an initiative, whether we will prevent the attack, or respond to this dangerous breach," Azran said.


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