YouTube offers the experience of cosmetics using improved reality


Given the importance of improved reality technology in marketing, many brands expect to rely on it to deliver richer customer experiences and increase the attractiveness of their products to consumers, which has also led Google to include this technology in some of its products and services.

In May, Google announced the introduction of advanced search technology in Google Search, which lets you view and interact with 3D objects directly from the search engine and place them directly in your own space, giving you a sense of size and detail. And help you accomplish tasks throughout the day. He also updated the ARCore Enhanced Reality Application Development Platform to help developers build user experiences.

AR in Google search

Also announced this week is to bring the enhanced reality also on the YouTube platform, to display ads and enhance the user experience.

Many consumers are looking for help from YouTube creators to decide on new products, and brands have long collaborated with influencers to connect with customers. Brands and influencers can now make this experience more personalized and useful to viewers based on reality tools. Enhanced

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The new feature, called AR Beauty Try-On, will allow girls and women to experience their own cosmetic experience using enhanced reality while following the evaluations of creators and influencers on YouTube. "She relied on automated learning to fine-tune the algorithm, full range of skin tones."

YouTube will allow the cosmetics experience using improved reality

The feature is designed to be used in the experience of dividing the screen while you see ladies cosmetic reviews on the YouTube platform where while watching the front camera can be opened to access a variety of colors to try the lipstick, for example, click to apply on their faces during the above video, Products suitable for them.

This feature is currently under development and is being tested by the YouTube platform through Google's FameBit content creation and marketing platform through which brands, creators and influencers connect to YouTube to market their products through paid sponsorship .

The cosmetics brand, M.A.C Cosmetics, is the first brand to launch the AR Beauty Try-On campaign to enable customers to try their products.

"I tested this feature earlier this year with many cosmetic brands and found that 30% of viewers activated the enhanced experience of the site when it was available on the YouTube app on IOS," Google said in a blog post. ) And spent more than 80 seconds, on average, in attempts to try lipstick. "

AR Beauty Try-On is currently under development and the company has announced that it will be available to brands and advertisers this summer to help them make content more attractive and effective to drive buying decisions.

However, Google is not alone in this market, and will have to face the great popularity of the French cosmetics application L 'Oreal, the YouCam makeup application, already in the market and very popular.

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