Wizo appears in the valley of Sayed al-Shahat


Episode 19 of Al-Wad Al-Shahat, Benzol Fakhr and Sayed begins at the playground to complete the game of basketball. They are wearing a female costume. One of the players plays the referee and meanwhile they adjust the score and decrease the difference.

The award ends with the victory of the engraved team led by Sayed, Fakhr and Ritaj. After receiving the award and medals, they discover that the prize will donate to support the Afro-Asian mirror, and know the pride of his sister's tears Tears .

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And ask them to return Al Sahawi's money, and tell them that all the money in the film produced, and will give them from the film.

The series starring Ahmed Fahmy and Hana Zahid and Mohammed Abdel Rahman, directed by Ahmed El-Gendy and composed of Mostafa Saqr, Mohamed Ezz, Karim Youssef and Ibrahim Khattab and the events revolve in the form of comics.


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