Witnesses: Crowd applauds for "Abu Trika" in the opening of African nations


Saturday, June 22, 2019

A video showing the applause of the Egyptian fans of the old Egyptian team Mohamed Abu Trika in the 22 minutes of the game between Egypt and Zimbabwe in the African Cup of Nations.


  • The fans cheered the name of former Egypt striker Almagico in the 22nd minute of the first African Cup of Nations match between Egypt and Zimbabwe in response to requests from large social networking sites under Hashtag.
  • The 22nd-minute choice was due to the fact Abu Trika was wearing his 22nd jersey at Al Ahli.
  • Twitter is filled with thousands of Twitter supporters who support Abu Trika, who is out of the tournament because of accusations he faces in Egypt for supporting terrorism.
  • The tweets were also filled with thousands of photos and videos supporting the former Egyptian player.
  • It was impressive that Hashtag # encouraged Egypt to settle second in Twitter after Hashtag supported Abu Trika.

Why are they shouting "Abu Trika":

  • Invitations to the celebration and applause of Mohammed Abu Trika come days after a campaign launched by Egyptian media Ahmed Musa close to the authority over Abu Trika over the condolences of the late death of the late Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi during his trial this week.
  • Moussa accused Abu Trika of supporting terrorism, prompting apostates to respond to Moussaoui's Twitter offensive in Egypt a few days ago.


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