Why do we grow when others grow? Is it an infection or are there medical reasons?


The next time you sit next to someone yawning, try this: Do not yawn, but in the end you will find it difficult to retreat into yawn, countless surveys support how yawn is contagious, and why when someone immediately yawns in your Forever happens to you yawning.

Why do we grow when others yawn?

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – The reason for the difficulty in reducing yawns, especially when someone close to him is trying to do so, is in the area of ​​the brain responsible for motor function, according to a new study published in Livescience.

Scientists point out the desire to yawn when you see someone doing it as a gastric ulcer, an automatic imitation of another person.

Gastrointestinal yawns are not exclusive to humans, but scientists say that other animals, including dogs and chimpanzees, are also vulnerable to the phenomenon, but the cause of yawns spread from person to person or from another animal is unknown.


To study what happens in the brain when a person begins to yawn, the researchers observed 36 adults asked to watch videos of other people yelling and using magnetic stimulation in the skull (TMSResearchers measured the participants in brain activity during the trials.

The researchers found that participants were only partially successful in yawn resistance, but the number of yawnings increased, even when participants were asked to resist yawning, the desire to yawn increased, which means that the desire to yawn increases when You try to stop yourself.

Researchers also found that the tendency to yawn is related to the levels of brain activity in the person's motor cortex: the more activity in the region, the greater the tendency of the person to yawn.

The results may have implications for some neurological disorders, such as Tourette's syndrome, which make it difficult for a person to resist certain procedures, the researchers wrote in the study.


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