Who raises the injustice of the Lebanese city of Tufail? Battalions


On the eastern border of Lebanon, in that soft, finger-like area within Syrian territory, the Lebanese town of Tufail, which is governed by a geography of more than 52 kilometers, is inhabited by families of different sects and is surrounded by three parts of Syrian territory. With the cities of Ham and Brittal.

The inhabitants of the city of Tufail did not feel their identity until they were removed from the circle of souls in Baalbek, who traveled through Syrian territory to the factory and from there to the city of Baalbek, while their work was on the Syrian currency, and they bought their belongings from territories.

In recent years, the Lebanese state has not attempted to lift the injustice that afflicted the city and its people until the battle of Qalamoun increased the suffering of people who were displaced from their homes and distributed to the Bekaa and Arsal areas, gradually returning to the area a year ago. This led some people to pray for the crisis and the Syrian battles that contributed to their displacement and reached the cause in the ears of the Lebanese state, which quickly disbursed the funds needed to build a road to their homeland three years ago.

On the other hand, during the return of his people to his hometown, the Lebanese State dealt with them as Syrian refugees, where they set up security posts miles from the city entrance and checked the lists of returnees, from where they left again for Hezbollah . And so does Hezbollah's permanent checkpoint, despite its withdrawal from the eastern jail and handing over its positions during the battles for the Lebanese army.

On the road he worked and helped the city's residents to enter the Lebanese countryside, the city's son fell from the Shaheen family and his wife a week ago, after the car crash on the road while headed to the city to receive help from humanitarian organizations , to increase people's suffering and their difficulties and restore reality Marginalization and deprivation behind these mountains surrounding the city, and parents begin to raise their voices again to be fair after suffering a bad moment did not come just out of deception and injustice.

People in the city look at themselves as if they were displaced people in their homeland. The state does not provide them with their services and does not protect their children from the brutality of national defense elements roaming the city whenever they want. Her visit.

The party prevented the inhabitants from entering and leaving the city, spreading throughout the eastern chain. It is not known until now the goal of Hezbollah from its positions and fortresses in the city after the end of the Syrian crisis and clean it. The entire region of Kalamoun is one of the terrorist groups that have left the terror and were killed in our areas.

The residents of the city are anxious for the Lebanese state with the hope that they can aspire to the city and its people and bring them home as a lost or forgotten son. Circumstances dictated the conditions of immigration and forced evasion. compensate for this absence. Security of the city as if entering the country for this is prohibited.


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