What did Hariri ask of the parties? This is what exploded the meeting of the Council of Ministers


Under the title of "Hariri's critical demand behind the postponement of the government meeting today and with the budget," Naji Samir al-Bustani wrote in "Al-Diyar": No government meeting on Thursday or the next few days, after all the reports were talking about the direction to discuss the budget items on the table of the Council Ministers this week. The decision to cancel and delay came against the backdrop of the outcome of a series of meetings held by Prime Minister Saad Hariri in recent days in the presence of representatives of the various powers represented in the executive branch. What happened at these meetings and what led Hariri not to preside over this week's cabinet meeting?

According to informed political sources, the successive meetings held by the Prime Minister recently addressed the issue of reducing the deficit in the details of the details of the proposals, based on detailed explanations and figures and focus on the financial pitfalls, provided by Finance Minister Hassan Khalil , and dealt with the reality of the current state treasury, The Director-General of the Ministry of Finance, Alan Biffani, and a working group of senior officials and officials of the Ministry of Finance took charge of the preparation of budget numbers. The sources added that during the last few hours they also negotiated a wide range of suggestions that could be used to reduce the budget deficit in the hope of saving the financial reality as a whole as harmful as possible to the grassroots groups, noting that these suggestions and ideas raised by the Ministry of Finance team. On the one hand, and the working group of the Prime Minister in charge of monitoring the implementation of the Cedar Conference decisions, on the other hand, both include many experts in finance and economics.

Political sources reported that Hariri had requested during the talks and meetings that had taken place in the last few hours, with the participation of representatives of the various major political forces, namely the "Shiite duo" and "Free Patriotic Movement" and the Lebanese Forces, the Socialist Party Progressive, the tendency of apostasy, "stop all kinds of leaks in the ideas presented to address the budget deficit, after these leaks and suggestions of negative and reverse reactions, as a wave of popular movements began to intercept and angry. revealed that the prime minister asked the representatives of the main parties to fill the situation with the media to prepare the appropriate environment to reach agreement on the draft budget in advance, ie before being submitted to the Council of Ministers and , of course, before being transferred to the Chamber of Deputies for discussion. Hariri emphasized that he would not accept that he alone, or support the political forces specified in the government or the House of Representatives, erosion of the "austerity budget" and cruel and unpopular decisions necessary to take quickly and before it is too late other political forces participate in the form. An actor in the Authority, publicly and publicly criticizing him.

According to informed political sources, Hariri has decided to cancel the Council of Ministers meeting this week, postponed to a later date, after directly touching the continuing differences of views on the best ways to reduce the deficit between imports and expenditure, with the high probability of disposition of employees and military Extra clocks, fuel coupons, etc.

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