What are the benefits of beet and its health damage to the body?


Know what the benefits of beets are? Beet contains many vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin
B and Vitamin C in addition to many minerals needed for the body's most important iron, calcium and magnesium health
Potassium also contains beets and antioxidants and fibers, as well as carbohydrates
The following proteins respond to what the benefits of beet and its health damage to the body.

Beet is a good source of choline, which improves the sleep process and positively affects muscle movement and affects
In addition, we offer the most important benefits of beets to the body:

  • Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease
    Beet contains properties that increase the ability to recognize and save blood vessels from damage
    And so reduces the risk of dementia and memory loss.
  • Contributes to weight loss processes
    Beets contain high rates of fiber that increase the sensation of satiety and contribute to the process
    Digestion improves the digestive function as it prevents the accumulation of food in the intestines, since the beet has its calories
    Low thermal.
  • Keep healthy liver, heart and pancreas
    Beets contain high levels of betan and folic acid that reduce the level of homocysteine
    This leads to a high damage in the arteries and then intake reduces the risk
    Cardiovascular disease also reduces the amount of fat accumulated in the liver.
  • Improve blood pressure levels
    The beet contains nitrates that act to dilate the blood vessels that cause the decrease
    Blood pressure level and soon after eating.
  • Promotes health of the immune system
    The beets contain iron, vitamin C and vitamin A, which increases the body's immunity as it increases
    For reasons of iron, and then reduce the risk of anemia and eliminate anemia.

What are the benefits of beets

What is the damage to beet?

  • Excessive intake of beets increases the chances of getting lumps in the body
    Beet contains oxalates that help form stones.
  • Excessive intake of beets increases the chances of iron and copper accumulation in the body
    And then lead to damage to the liver and pancreas.


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