We will not allow any aspirant to achieve his goals Battalions


Army military commander General Joseph Aoun opened this afternoon at the foot of Mount Mekmal, the army's rice paddy, which includes a forest of army martyrs, where he planted a cedar and unveiled a commemorative plaque. Each of the military contingent commanders also planted a cedar in the name of their unit.

"From the dawn of independence, our soldiers were firm and firm in their lands, they were not defeated by the occupation and the winds of sedition failed to break them," he said. We will not allow any aspirant to achieve his goals, and we will continue to be the bastion of Lebanon and save him with our blood. "

General Aoun considered that the cedar and the soldier are two sides of Lebanon and share the haughtiness, hardness, strength and violence. "Our military assets, including the rice forests, face a threat to their existence, so we find that a military institution is needed to participate in the preservation of what remains of it," he said. Today to culminate a project launched by the Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with the army since 2002 to grow 10452 cedar trees, we are all partners in this responsibility. "

He then went to the ski school, where he was briefed by the school leader, explaining his skills to prepare military personnel able to meet the demands of the battle in stormy and snowy weather conditions. He also visited the school to learn about his modern equipment, which meets the needs of working in rugged mountainous areas.


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