We will not accept affecting limited income segments


Mr Farid al-Bustani pointed out that "the public sector has failed and public debt has reached 86 billion dollars, so how can we consider the state to be successful," noting that "we can not bring politicians to run the economy," adding, We can not bring any minister into a ministry and the focus is on the counselors. "

Al-Bustani said in an interview with NNN that "we have human resources in Lebanon and abroad, so we use them to help us."

On the subject of budget, stressed that "the budget will be discussed by the government and the House of Representatives will not accept touching low-income segments," pointing out that "demonstrating on the street will not lead us to a place."

"Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab stressed that there is a calm dialogue between the military authorities to take appropriate action," he said. "There are many privileges in the army and must be reexamined."


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