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We refuse to hold banks accountable for poor political management

Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Richard Kyumjian said that "the Lebanese Forces are studying the budget as a whole, before the movements on the street," pointing out that he is studying the "scales" with the staff of his ministry. Not so good ".

"We need to balance, control useless spending, to pass this difficult economic stage for all Lebanese.The government must take fair measures that the Lebanese people are waiting for, starting with spending control," he said in a speech at the platform of the fourth authority of the NBN. , By reducing high wages, to avoid tax evasion and other things.

Commenting on the "movement on the street because of the budget," Qayoumjian said: "Before talking about a movement on the street, we are waiting for a logical lesson of balancing, accompanied by reform measures such as random employment study, application e-government and other measures. Spend as it should, and we all together with the Lebanese, and we have to step aside, trying to present a serious budget and talk about the street and its time. "

He added: "After receiving the ministry from Minister Pierre Asi, we demanded a 32 billion lire increase in the ministry's budget for the year 2018, but we added only 10 billion. We increased some fields, such as the poorest families program and reduced in others as needed. "To discuss the budget of the ministry at the table of the Council of Ministers.

Rejecting the banks 'responsibility for the mismanagement of the material class by the political class, he emphasized that "he is not in a position to defend banks' profits, but he can understand them, to support the Lebanese state in a certain way."

"The Lebanese Forces are interested in the overall financial situation," he said. "Any abuse by the governor of the Bank of Lebanon is an abuse of the general financial situation and any damage to the government of the Banque du Liban."

He stressed that "the government should shoulder its responsibilities to stop the thief alone." He stressed that "the ministers of forces remain in government, there is no thief, and also implement administrative decentralization, in terms of the state do not know, especially in that municipalities are cooperating with affairs," he reiterated, "that no waste of gutter in the affairs and, more importantly, there is no possibility of robbery in them, especially those who protect them know the value of public money. "

As for the proposal to "merge the Ministry of Social Affairs with the Ministry of Health," he commented: "We are going to leave every ministry to do its job, and everything will be fine." This raises the problems we face. in most countries of the world, it is the Ministry of Human Services and therefore can not be merged with any other ministry because it has a different framework of service on health, so we are against this proposition.

He concluded by saying that "he did not cancel associations, but he suspended the contracts of some contracting associations, with social affairs, because they did not comply with what was demanded of them".

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