Friday , October 22 2021

Watch .. Director of the series "Kalbash" announces a surprise for the young actors in the third part


Kalbash series director Peter Mimi announced the acceptance of young actors to participate in the third installment of the "Kalbash 3" series for the star Amir Karara, where he posted a post on his personal page on the social networking site "Facebook" , asking who wants to participate in the series Send your photo and video clip to him.

Director Peter Mimi said: "To participate in the Kalbash (Part III) series of the star Amir Karara, please send photos, videos and phone numbers in the attached e-mail. by Peter Mimi, "also attached the e-mail series, While a note was written," Wassab messages or phone calls are not accepted, only the attached email. "

Peter Mimi Director of the Kalbash series
Peter Mimi Director of the Kalbash series

It is noteworthy that the third part of the series "Kalbash", starring star Amir Karara, is due to be presented at Ramadan in 2019, witness the absence of 16 representatives and representatives after they were liquidated and murdered in the second part during the events of the series , written by Baher Duidar, and Sinergy production.

The names of the missing representatives were Maj. Gen. Salah al-Toukhi, whose character was Mahmoud al-Bazawi, who was murdered by terrorist groups by a suicide bomber at his home. Then came Haitham Ahmed Zaki and the body of Akef Abu El -Ezz, by the official Salim al-Ansari after the liquidation of his sister and his wife in one of the terrorist operations in his house, and then the murder of the artist Ahmed Salah Hosni, who incorporated the character of an officer excluded from the service because of his behavior, called "Adham."


The artist Ahmed Halawa loses the third part of Kalbash, after the body of the prison officer named "Yusuf", who collaborated with Akef Abu Ezz and his attempts to facilitate the escape of the prisoners, and was filtered by Haitham Ahmed Zaki, also disappeared artist Ashraf Zaki, Majid, the health minister manipulated with the drug, and the artist Suleiman Eid, who plays the character of secretary Shaker Suleiman in prison and assistant to officer Salim Ansari, as well as prisoner Jaber, defended by Salim Ansari in prison ..

Also missing is the young artist Ahmed Gamal Said, who personifies the Nabil character in national security, in addition to the artist Mohammed Mahmoud Abdul Aziz, a corrupt businessman named Said, who was killed in recent episodes, as well as the artist Sobhy Khalil, and the young artist Amr Wahba, who played the role of spy, was arrested in recent episodes, as was the artist Salah Abdullah, the spy's father, who died in his son when he was not a spy for a country hostile to Egypt. Majed al-Masri, who incorporated the personality of the national security officer and was killed by A Hurry in Libya.


The series "Kalbash 2" starring Amir Karara, Mahmoud Albazawi, Hala Fakher, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, Ahmed Halawa, Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Zia Abdel Khaliq, Suleiman Eid, Ashraf Zaki, Amr Wahba, Miran Abdul Warith Omar El-Shennawy, Mostafa Darwish, Ahmed Gamal Said, and others, written by Baher Duidar, directed by Peter Mimi, production of Synergy by Tamer Morsi.

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