Vivo The Vivo iQOO Neo comes with a cut screen and three cameras in the back


The Vivo iQOO subsidiary introduced its first smartphone in March and now we are about to get the second smartphone of this sub.

The Chinese company today was thrilled with the arrival of Vivo iQOO Neo in its official account in the Chinese social network Weibo, where it published a sticker to reveal the design of this cell phone. As you can see from the image above, the Vivo iQOO Neo will be similar to Vivo iQOO, which includes a screen with a small cut in the top center of the screen and three vertical cameras in the upper left corner of the back end.

However, while the LED flash is placed on the Vivo iQOO phone separately, the next Vivo iQOO Neo will present the LED flash in the same unit as the three cameras. You can also see that Vivo iQOO Neo includes the play button and the volume control buttons on the right side, as well as an orange button on the left that will probably be the company's PDA.

The Vivo iQOO Neo will be offered at least two colors, violet and black, with a carbon pattern on the backlight. However, we note that the back end does not have a fingerprint sensor, meaning that this sensor will probably be included on the screen, which means the phone will use an OLED display.

Last week we heard about the launch of Vivo iQOO Youth Edition, which comes with Snapdragon 710 and Snapdragon 845. It is unclear at this point whether Vivo iQOO Neo and Vivo iQOO Youth Edition are the same or different. So we'll have to wait until Vivo gets more light on it.


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