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NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Large doses of vitamin D may help improve memory but, in turn, lead to slow human reactions, a new study at Rutgers University showed.
The new study involved women aged 50 to 70 years old, divided into three groups. The first women in the group received 600 IU of vitamin D daily for a year.
In the second group, women took 2000 IU of vitamin A per day and the third group 4000 IU per day.
The researchers found that taking 2000 IU of vitamin D per day improved the cognitive abilities of study participants as the results of memory, concentration and attention tests were improved.
At the same time, the researchers noticed a slow reaction. Women who took 4,000 IU of vitamin A had a slower reaction.
"This slowness in the middle and past is a serious problem, affecting the body's necessary reactions by doing a simple job, including walking and the ability to take anything that is thrown at them," the researchers say.

Source: Russia today


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