"Uristi in Mosul" interprets Troy the tragedy of Iraq in the era of "Dahesh"


Swiss director Milo Rao quoted the idea of ​​his "Oresti in Mosul" play in the city of Iraq during the reign of the "terrorist" of the Greek tragedy "Eristia" by Ischylus, who tells how the sacrifice of King Agamemnon to his daughter Evgenia caused a series of murders. .

The director directs the public to boldly contemplate violence and war in a play that is taking place in the Iraqi city, which Iraqi forces have recaptured from the terrorist organization "Da" after nine months of fierce fighting.

Milo Rao said he thought of transferring Tragedy Eskilos to war-torn northern Iraq. In 2017, he chose Mosul after Iraqi forces reconquered the city. "Mosul is an ancient and modern city at the same time," he said.

The piece wanted to consolidate the ruins of the archaeological sites, such as the famous Nouri Mosque, in memory, with scenes that were photographed on the floor, accompanied by an impressive count of direct or indirect witnesses of the old grandeur of the city through scenes like the spectacle of a Iraqi or photographer, controlled the city and the dangers to which they were exposed due to their profession.

In the play, which was shown at the end of March at a cultural center in Mosul with the participation of actors, the director also places Iraqis on issues such as hostility to women.

"The musicians we've worked with have not been able to play in public since 2003," says Rao, referring to the US invasion of Iraq. He regrets the inability of Iraqi artists to come to Europe to attend the concerts because they do not receive visas.

The director has borrowed the current events, citing the incident of a wreck of a raft on the Tigris River, whose passengers were celebrating Nowruz and Mother's Day. At least 100 people have died, mostly women and children. "Women do not swim because that's forbidden," says one of the characters.

The play is produced by the Bochum Theater in Germany and Gan Theater directed by Rau, which will be staged 10 times in Belgium until the beginning of May and then will go to Austria, France and Switzerland.


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