Twitter offers a new feature .. "Dark Mode" (Video)


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Launched a website Twitter A new version of its application for smart devices allows you to reduce the level of application illumination during use to be even lighter than the current dark version, which helps Reduce energy consumption Battery device.

As for how to use the new feature, go to the "Settings and Privacy" section of the Twitter application and click the "View and Sound" button. From there, you can choose the option "Dark Mode" that allows you to activate Dark Blue. .

Technology site TechCrunch said that the "dark mode" in the current version tends to blue more than true black color, which everyone may not like, but now there is a choice in the settings, making the current dark mode closer to black .

According to TechCrunch, this addition is an important option not only because it increases the existing dark color but also because it provides a third option for the user, which is not available in many recent applications that offer only two options, "bright" or " dark".

Twitter offers a second option, Lights Out, which turns dark blue into black

Image Source: techcrunch


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