Today's technology – a biologist converts "deadly viruses" into paintings


A biological scientist transforms "deadly viruses" into paintings:

Washington – Arabs Today

A biologist using a little imagination, to transform what he sees under the microscope into paintings with surprising details, has attracted many impressive viral scientists.

Professor David Godsel of the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, California, revealed scary viruses like Ebola and HIV in a whole new way, drawing them in astounding detail to tell scientists and others "what it really looks like ".

Professor Godsel said his artistic impressions were only an idea of ​​how real pathogens and other molecules might look. Since new data on the structure of viruses appear every day, Professor Godsil's illustrations can quickly become "old" .

The colors that are the most interesting part of Godsil's work are just fantasies, because pathogens do not have the same beauty in real life, Godsell points out that colors are entirely made up of his imagination: "I only use the colors I love Colors which I think allow distinguishing between different functional parts. "
Professor Godsel learned to paint his grandfather's watercolor, and using these techniques, his image was more creative than those created using the computer in modern times.

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