Wednesday , October 28 2020

Thus, Morocco has become a model for reform and stability in the Arab region.

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Marina and David Ottaway analyze the changes underway in four different Arab regions and provide an overview of the transformations in the Arab countries and how they will continue in the future, focusing on the Moroccan model.

ILLAF: Researchers Marina and David Ottaway reviewed their new book, The Story of 4 Worlds: The Arab Region After the Revolutions, at a conference organized by the Wilson Center In Washington.

Asked what Moroccan King Mohammed VI had done to reinforce his commitment to lead his country to become an irreversible democratic and reformist entity, Marina said: “ The Moroccan king has moral authority and legitimacy and a different long-term strategy. from other countries in the region, but it's not moving fast enough & # 39; & # 39 ;.

Memory tonic
Edward Gabriel, former US ambassador to Morocco, found this response from Marina interesting, especially since most Washington research centers err in analyzing the situation in Morocco because of their lack of knowledge of the country and its nature or in measuring its experience. in other parts of the country. The region is the case of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Gabriel added that Ottaway's new book is boosting memory because researchers have spent years studying Morocco in the context of the larger region, an analysis of the post-spring Arab era, and dividing the Middle East analysis into four distinct subgroups: Iraq-Syria and Kingdoms of the Gulf. , Egypt and Maghreb.

The researchers said in the book's later chapters, "The 2011 uprisings were not successful or failed in the revolutions, and it was not an Arab spring followed by a glorious summer or cold winter, and what these uprisings were to raise the bar. unstable political systems in many Arab countries and the destruction of many other systems, which in turn triggered an open process of change. "

The first Islamic government
Introducing Morocco as the best country in the region in the last decade, they said, "Morocco was the first and most successful example of a proactive king of sight."

They added that it is widely understood that King Mohammed VI is cautiously reforming from the top of the pyramid to the bottom, pointing out that one of the reasons for Morocco's success is the early realization of the late King Hassan II and his son Mohammed VI, early on the importance of cooperation with the Islamic Justice and Development Party, paving the way. Before the first Islamic-led government in the Arab world.

The researchers also gave some details of how King Mohammed VI successfully demonstrated his ability to meet Moroccan requirements in the Arab Spring in 2011, and in March of that year required the drafting of a new constitution, drafted and approved by 98.5%. , plus a vote. 73% of the population in the June 2011 referendum. In less than a year, he was able to calm the protests, consolidate his reputation as a reformist leader, and no other Arab leader could repeat this level of success.

Distinguish Morocco
Ambassador Gabriel said that despite what has been written about Morocco's stability and democratic success in the past, this is the first time that the incidents and developments witnessed in Morocco compare with the rest of the Middle East, especially when the Ottawa researchers have noted the serious damage suffered by Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen since Noting that Tunisia is moving in the right direction and is likely to succeed in the future, it is also noted that there may be long-term hope in Algeria, as the next government will do: Jordan is wary of the changes and its concern about the unrest around it. Of stability that prevailed in the Gulf kingdoms, with the exception of the growing challenges faced by "noncitizens" and dividing the Sunni – Shiite.

The researchers also talked about how the Maghreb region is more focused on Europe, the West and Africa and less on the Arab world, while the Kingdom of Morocco is leading the way through its initiative in Africa. They also drew attention to the cooperation between the AKP and the Royal Court to advance the economic front, which characterized Morocco from many Arab countries and even its Maghreb neighbors.

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