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This is the happiest Arab country of the year 2019. Know the classification of your country

Happiness .. Perhaps it is the secret that everyone seeks from the first human civilization until the moment of writing this news and beyond .. How can we be happy?! This question is very difficult to answer and varies not only from one place to another but from person to person. But based on a number of indicators and specific data, it is possible to know, or presume, that the happiest countries, the most recent report published by Gallup, are the happiest and most unfortunate in the world during the year 2019.

According to the Jordanian news agency 'Petra', according to the 'Gallup' report, one third of the world's population lives under psychological pressure. But that did not stop happy moments and moments from these different people. The United Arab Emirates ranked first in the Arab countries, followed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Lebanon, while Jordan ranked 10th in the Arab world.

Globally, more than half the American population is feeling stressed, while Chad, a country in the north of the continent facing a dramatic increase in crime, has been at the forefront of countries suffering from extreme psychological stress. . In the South American continent, both Paraguayan and Panamanian countries have reached the top of the list of countries whose citizens are experiencing great relief.

At the top of the world, Finland managed to maintain its leading position in this index, while the United Arab Emirates maintained their leading position at the level of the happiest Arab country: the hubs of Arab countries at the global level are as follows:

Qatar is ranked 32nd in the world.
Saudi Arabia ranks 33rd in the world ranking.
The Kingdom of Bahrain is ranked 43rd in the world.
Kuwait is ranked 45th in the world.
Libya is ranked 70th in the world.
Algeria occupies the 84th position in the world ranking.
The Kingdom of Morocco is ranked 85th in the world.
Lebanon is ranked 88th in the world.
The Kingdom of Jordan is ranked 90th in the world.
Somalia is ranked 98 overall.
Palestine is in 104th place in the world.
Tunisia is ranked 111th in the world.
Iraq ranked 11th in the world.
Egypt is ranked 122th in the world.
Sudan is ranked 137 overall.
Syria is ranked 150th in the world.

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