The strange habit of Prince Harry provokes Megan's madness!


The two princes, William and Harry, revealed hidden facts about their own lives, including habits they had acquired from their father, Prince Charles.

As part of the BBC's new documentary on the life of Prince Charles, several members of the royal family were interviewed.

William revealed that he wanted Prince Charles to spend more time with his children while Harry admitted that he still used the word "Mami" when he talked about his mother, Princess Diana.

Duke Sussex, 34, revealed a strange habit followed by the surprise of his wife, Megan Markle.

"I'm obsessed with this thing, which is crazy because my wife asks," Why do you turn out the lights, you know the place is dark, "said Harry, obsessed with turning off lights, usually purchased from your father.

"We need a light, we do not need 6," replies Prince Harry. Suddenly this becomes a habit, which anyone can do.

William agreed with his brother, adding, "I know I have serious obsessive-compulsive disorder with regard to the extinction of lights, which is terrible."

It seems that turning off the lights is not the only habit Prince Charles inherited for his children, and the Emirates revealed that he encouraged them to pick up trash while walking, which we all have to do.

(Mirror Russia today)


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