The obstacles to export and marketing will be addressed in the functions of the Ministry of Foreign Trade.


Foreign Trade Minister Hassan Murad said during the organization of a workshop entitled "Agricultural Export – Challenges and Solutions" in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture represented by Engineer Majd Abu Zaid. "The Ministry of Foreign Trade is not there to take on the role of the Ministry of Agriculture, To promote investment, but is concerned about a new file established in Lebanon and will cooperate and serve, cooperation and coordination with each part useful in addressing this issue .

"All obstacles and challenges that impede export and marketing will be addressed within the ministry's tasks, even the political challenges, which will be followed by the president and the government," Murad said, adding that "both export and marketing need of a product ". Obstacles to export will be addressed, but farmers and trade unions must cooperate to adopt modern technologies so that efforts can achieve a result. "

"Lebanon is not only a service country, but an industrial and commercial industrial country with all the capacity to advance in the sector.


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