The Google Camera gets new features via Android.


The application of the Google of America camera within the operating system "Android" new features, including the night mode.

One feature discovered in Google's Camera 6.2 app is the metering mode, which allows consumers to use the camera to measure distances and heights, depending on the company's enhanced ARCore platform. This mode allows you to save the measurements in the phone folder as an image with a standard ruler.

The new version of the application also showed that Google is still working on the development of the mode of image acceleration technology, called "cheetah", and added the company to night application mode, which works according to operating system settings for the issue of "Android Bay" and Android Kyo

It also includes improvements in panoramic photography, enhancements to HDR + photography, and also includes improvements in movement between different shooting modes.

A new feature of the new version of the Flash application is the front camera, where a "lightning" signal is displayed on the screen with greater illumination to enhance the image obtained by the front camera.


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