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The theater is one of the arts that contribute to the emergence and development of peoples, especially youth theater, considered one of the most important theaters due to the young experiences that produced important actors and directors with a significant presence in the theater, which they considered as their language . And raised questions that concern all members of this community, and are at the core and essence of the human left theatrical scene and presented works that achieved noble goals, addressed the issues of contemporary society and important. Therefore, the Ministry of Culture's Theaters and Music Directorate has launched the Youth Theater project at the Damascus Cultural Festival, in the belief of the importance of this theater and offers opportunities for talented youngsters to present their visions and ideas and to contribute to the pumping of blood into the theater. Syrian theater. The theater of the Kabbani theater in Damascus received the play "The Red Mud" by Mohamed Sameer Tahan and the representation of the young artist of Baba Saqr. The piece raised questions about life and society that need to think about finding solutions to this and breaking the stereotypes that surround it through a history of sculptors deciding to return to work and recreate their lives after years of rupture due to the war in Syria. The piece was a mix between monodrama and visual sight. The actress was able to perform various characters and put various humanitarian situations on stage, and presented stories related to social issues such as thorny mixed marriages and girl work and love, which need revelation, frankness and revelation.

In an interview with "construction", the play's author and director, Mohammed Samir Tahan: The play "Red Mud" is an attempt to delve into the feminine world and deconstruct compositional codes and shed light on what has suffered, refractions during the eight years of war that we live in Syria through the history of the sculptor A young woman decided to return to creative work after a long break, overcoming many of the setbacks in her soul and soul with a great emotional feeling, through which she returns her calculations to life and people.

Tahan pointed out that the presentation brings many projections about the general situation achieved by society and people as a result of the devastation caused by war in the soul and social relations, while the presentation of many questions needs answers from all of us to restore our accounts in things that we long believed to be Muslim And discuss issues such as the girl's outdated vision, creative work, restrictions on mixed marriages and other issues.

Tahan added that the work belongs to the monodrama type through the presence of an actress in the tree throughout the show, in addition to the accompanying material of the film, with great amount of time and plays an important role in the course of the events and also enrichment of the scene presentation. The show comes as part of the Youth Theater Project, which is being created by the Department of Theater and Music of the Ministry of Culture and I have chosen to work with young talents full of energy, enthusiasm and new creative ideas. He had a strong presence on stage. In the cinematography drawing, the artist Ghaith Marzouki and the stylist, young artist Rim Al-Maghout, and the artistic performance of the Yazan Qarmousha project, the drawing and execution of the sculptures of the young sculptor Lama Al-Qara and the composition of the music and the sound of musical Khaled Bahnasi with his own privacy and excellence in this area Playwright expert Anna Akash and makeup expert Manwar Akad and distinguished lighting designer Bassam Hamidi.

Baba Sakr, the actress, talked about "building" about the job, saying that her participation in the play "Red Mud" was a challenge for her and a new experience for her potential. She has attempted to provide a new and different performance through the personality rich in color and variety of mixtures and moods, which requires a lot of effort and energy.

Critic and writer Samer Mohamed Ismail described the presentation as an important opportunity of the Ministry of Culture to allow the young generation to present bold texts in presentation and performance, hoping that these experiences will be the focus of playwrights and critics in the interest of these young people and nurturing their talents.

It is worth mentioning that the project to support youth theater, which was launched by the Theater and Music Directorate in 2016 through which the theatrical work produced by the Board through the grant of productivity includes the cost of production of decoration and accessories and fashion and makeup and music and staff salaries.

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The play "Red Mud" … Female and emotional revelation on the stage «Kabbani»
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Laura Mahmoud It is no different that theater of the arts contributes to the rise and development of peoples, especially youth theater, which is a theater of great importance because of young experiments.
Laura Mahmoud It is no different that theater of the arts contributes to the rise and development of peoples, especially youth theater, which is a theater of great importance because of young experiments.


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