The first appearance of Borak Ozzhvit and Vahri after the arrival of his son


Activists on social networking websites released images of Burak Ozzhivit and Fahri Efjan from outside the hospital hours after the birth of their first child, Karan.

Burak Ozjevit appeared in one of the photos with a hospital employee as he fired another shot from inside his car while taking his wife out of the hospital after the delivery.

For his part, the actor who is known as "Bali Beck" did not publish any photo of his son, but it seems that the boy will bring a lot of money to his parents after the presentations. According to the information, the pair received an offer from a real estate company from Qatar and Uzbek to take a photo of the family "Burak, his wife and his son" and the first photo will be published for the child, attached to large billboards. Burak will receive two million Turkish Lira, Child in the company's new projects.

For their part, the couple will expect Burak and Faher to have 40 days of their baby and consult their families to decide whether to accept or reject the offer.


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