The fall of Osaka opens the door for Barty to the top of the rankings


Australian Open champion Ashley Party is expected to lead the Professional Athletes Association early next week after Japan's Naomi Osaka finished second in the second round of the Birmingham Tennis Tournament.

In the second round, Osaka beat Yulia Potintseva of Uzbekistan by 3-6, 6-3 and 6-3.

Osaka, ahead of his first season on the pitch, admitted he had not yet reached the stage of playing confidently and comfortably in this field, but he certainly did not expect him to fall on the second-round barrier that way.

The Japanese, crowned with the Flushing Meadows of 2018 and the Australian Open of 2019, are threatened to enter the Wimbledon Championship and are losing ground since their name is not listed in the next Eastbourne English tournament next week.

The Osaka injury at Botintseva was obvious after failing in Group A 0-5, and was unable to regain control after that, losing the game in an hour and 8 minutes.

Botintseva's second win over Osaka was a great service for Barty because French champion Roland Garros would take over Japan's lead if she won the title.

The Australian, who needed 59 minutes to reach her ninth win in the second round of the Roland Garros tournament, fell in the rain after the rain intervened to delay the start of the first set and then stopped the game for the second time at Wimbledon, a five-time veteran American Venus Williams on Friday. Daughter of 39-year-old Chinese rival Wang Qiang Friday on Thursday in the second round.


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