The Egyptian team is ready for the CAF Africa Cup


Mexican coach Javier Aguirre and Ahmed Mohamed confirmed that Egypt's No. 1 team, preparing for the first match of the African Cup of Nations at home, was "very good" and will not be affected by the pressure of hopes.

The Pharaohs will play their first game against Zimbabwe on Friday in Group A, which also includes the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, at the opening of the tournament, which will be held for the first time with 24 teams instead of 16 and will last until 19 July.

At a news conference at the Cairo International Stadium, which houses the opening match, Aguirre said the Pharaoh's team: "Preparation has started since June 6 and the level we reached was very good."

"We have been following this team for a while and we know everything, a strong team," he said. "Friday's game will be important because it's the start of the tournament in Egypt."

For his part, Mohammedi stressed that the players, led by Mohammed Salah, the Liverpool star, English fans are preparing to win the title for his country.

"We are ready for the championship and for the beginning of the tournament, the tournament is at our home and in the midst of our fans and we must win and everyone is ready for it."

"There will be no negative pressure on us and it will be a source of strength for us and we are happy to play in the Cairo Stadium," which can accommodate up to 75,000 spectators.

"We are very balanced and not so easy," he said.

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