The closure of 3 tourist tourist facilities in Rumaila has been in public property for about 5 years – Sidon – Ahmed Mentash


The names of Zaytouna S. and Gharoub for three tourist establishments belonging to Tony Azzi, Ghassan Atallah and Tanios Atallah, were established about five years ago on lands which are considered general property of the Ministry of Public Works and located on the seafront in the city coast of Rumaila. ), Which was overlooked and neglected and a waste and wastage before the work of both Qazi and Atallah in the recovery and establishment of restaurants and semi-tourist institutions without any opposition from any official or local after spending large sums of money as well as many irregularities that were obtained in many of the Lebanese regions.

About a year ago, at the request of the Attorney General, Judge Ali Ibrahim, the owners of these institutions were summoned with several other Rumaila who also benefited from some of the joint assets of the Ministry of Works on both sides of the Sidon-Beirut highway, which were arrested for hours and unable to work. Some of whom were represented by President Nabih Berri and some Christian parties were reinstated in these institutions after an agreement to resolve their situation and based on contracts between them and the municipality of Rumaila.

On Tuesday night, without warning, al-Nahar told Toni Azzi and Ghassan Atallah that the three were summoned to Saadiyat station, who were arrested for hours after the station employee asked a question (you have work permit ) and after explaining what happened to them before They were informed of the decision to seal their institutions with red wax and then released.

Azzi said the decision to call and seal our projects without prior notice is unfair, and the loss of material would have been rich had we been warned in advance, and there are assets and fish and chocolate are plentiful, as we rely on the establishment of celebrations and parties on Saturday and Sunday.

Ghassan Atallah wrote on his Facebook page: "At the time of the law, what is the decision of all people, and the time of the Judiciary is to call people who are dissidents, and the people of the people is oppressed, so they take the property of the people of Rumailah after the displacement, if the law applies to them, There are no deputies in the region to be alone, they all mean that if the state can not be a state, everyone is better.


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