The Brotherhood dissident, Sobih Suweidi, reveals details of the plot of the Muslim Brotherhood to demolish the Arab countries


The Dissident of the Brotherhood Sobih Suweidi: reveals the details of the plot of the Muslim Brotherhood to demolish the Arab countries
The brotherhood of the dissident brother of the Emirates, Sabih al-Suwaidi, has revealed the growing number of dissidents in the Muslim Brotherhood's international organization after proving himself involved in a grand plan to destabilize Arab societies.

Sabih's son, convicted in the case of the secret organization issued against him the amnesty decision of the United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan in a televised interview broadcast today, new details have revealed the request of the Muslim Brotherhood between 2012 and 2013 of its members in support of the UAE for a number of Yemenis to harm the UAE and its symbols.

Yemenite mercenaries
Ibn Sabih said he was one of the members of the organization who was invited to join the "cell" that was tasked with this task, noting that the Brotherhood passed by the leaders of the UAE secret organization a list of the Yemeni people described as "mercenaries" and asked for their support with money and modern cell phones also included The guidelines then track, support and republish abusive messages posted by members of this list, despite their explicit abuse of the state and its symbols.

The division of the group

Al-Suwaidi pointed to the Muslim Brotherhood's growing cases of dissent after examining many associates or sympathizers of its accounts, which reveal the truth of the Muslim Brotherhood, especially the details of the conspiracies wrought by that terrorist organization for the destruction of the countries and the threat of their stability, emphasizing that the concept of loyalty offered by members of the organization to outsiders and related concepts. Absolute obedience proves the extent of the betrayal of these organizations to their homelands, as evidenced by the experiences of the region.

Terrorist organization

He pointed out in this context, according to the Al-Bayan newspaper UAE, that the United Arab Emirates took an important step in classifying the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and worked to cut off all methods and forms of funding to become non-existent.

In a related context, Ibn Sabih said that the worst thing that Fellowship members are going through is the state of complete disappearance and control on the organization's network, without any awareness or awareness of the reality and goals of this satanic terrorist organization, pointing out that most affiliates or supporters of the Fraternity are absent from the real agendas. That they remain confined to the main members – and associated with the excessive aggression of countries and national symbols.

He added that most of the participants have been in the orbit of the organization for many years and are limited to implementing executive functions to be religiously linked to payment and reward, which is described by the Swedish as "false illusion" and continues to be the source of guidelines and absent real politics and called for intensified efforts to counter the thinking and displacement of the Brotherhood, which he believes. The growing number of dissidents is tempted by this grim organization.

Projects of International Organizations

In a related context, Ibn Sabih said that the international organization was able to establish a false mental image aimed at gaining public support and sympathy through projects describing how "charity" building mosques and digging wells in certain areas and studying to gain a public basis in those areas that guarantee their vote for the elections. Politicians, parliamentarians and trade unionists in those countries and regions and the goal of reaching malicious targets first to be affected by the simple citizen, who contributed without the awareness of the support of this group to donate under the slogans of "good deeds" and "pay and reward."

Organization Management

He stressed that the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is conducted in a complex way, which does not allow the discussion of orders from the center to the branches scattered in different countries, who have no choice but to take complete control of the orders issued by the Central Command of the Muslim Brotherhood, as evidenced by evidence presented in international reports. And the media pointed out that appeals for abuse and fabrication in social media channels and calls for rejecting the decisions and directions of the state and publicly oppose without reviewing the clear picture of the concept of leadership, which leads the member to betray his country in the Last.

On the impact of change organizations and how they contributed to recent events and the abuse of the state and its symbols, Al-Suwaidi said that the steps taken by the UAE and several friendly countries to attack the Brotherhood and the erosion of their ideas are a hard blow to it.

This has led his associates of institutions and individuals to attack the state and its symbols, which reaffirms that they belong to the organization of integral belonging, even if the matter is in the interest of their home.

Advice for sympathizers

At the end of the interview, Al-Suwaidi gave advice to those who join and sympathize with the Muslim Brotherhood, noting that their experience, which lasts more than 30 years, is a sufficient model for those who want to learn. Muslim as a terrorist organization in many countries is reason enough to rethink the affiliation Misinformation and false slogans.

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