"Surprise Online" Exclusive Arab Got Talent Episode Arabs Got Talent 8 Season 6 on MBC and Shahid net Online


We will continue with you on Saturday, April 6, 2019, the eighth episode Arab Talent Season 6 Arabs have talent, Which reached a large audience throughout the presentation, and is the ring today is the last episode of the performance events, as the semifinals will start from the next episode after the jury select the contestants who will submit their offers in the semifinals, unlike the competitors Who managed the Golden Baz and who confirmed their presence in the semifinals.

Arabic Talent Program Gute

We're following you today. The eighth episode of Arab Gott Talent Season 6 and the stage of direct performances, with the beginning of the first phase of the semifinal next week, it is noteworthy that the jury of the program Arab Gott Talent includes Najwa Karam, Brigadier Ali Jaber and star Ahmed Helmi, as for submission there Qusay Khader and Ria Abi Rashed.

Arab Got Talent Episode

It is expected to witness the episode today Arabic Talent Season Gute Much emotion and excitement, as all competitors try to prove their skills before the jury and the public, it is noteworthy that the talents that apply to the Arab individual Gott Talent, including the collective.

The Arab Gott Talent program airs on MBC4 at 8pm Cairo on Saturday, but ShadNet also repeats the episode of Arab Gott Talent for the sixth season on the Internet, waiting for us after the episode to provide a direct link to watch the episode.

It is worth mentioning that the eighth episode of season 6 of the Arab program Gott Talent will be a continuation of the semifinals and the selection of qualified candidates for the finals.


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